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D.H. Lawrence and Other Views on Death - How They May Help Us Deal with Death in Context to Healthcare - Essay Example

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This paper "D.H. Lawrence and Other Views on Death - How They May Help Us Deal with Death in Context to Healthcare" focuses on the fact that David Herbert Lawrence whose fiction has had an influence on the literature of our times was born September 11, 1885, in a mining village in Nottingham, England.  …
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D.H. Lawrence and Other Views on Death - How They May Help Us Deal with Death in Context to Healthcare
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Extract of sample "D.H. Lawrence and Other Views on Death - How They May Help Us Deal with Death in Context to Healthcare"

Download file to see previous pages Lawrence graduated from University College, Nottingham in 1908, devoted himself for a time to teaching at a boy’s school, but not long after, decided to quit teaching and spend his time at freelance writing instead. In March of 1912, he met and fell in love with a married woman, Frieda Weekley, nee Richthofen; then six weeks later eloped with her to the Continent.

Frieda was a sister of the famous German World War I flying ace and wife of Lawrence’s French professor at Nottingham. This elopement marked the start of Lawrence’s lifetime war with existent moral standards as well as the beginning of a continuous wanderlust prompted by Tuberculosis which induced him to seek warmer and more healthful climes. He died just the same at an early age of forty-four on March 2, 1930, in Venice, France.

Our first task is to scrutinize the last poems of Lawrence, particularly the very last one – “The Ship of Death which has ten parts and finds out how they make sense of death. These parts are explained in simpler terms to be appreciated by readers who are either nearing their date with death or are caring for someone who is about to die.

In Part I, the poet likens existence to the four seasons of the year and mentions Autumn as a prelude to winter in which death then occurs. Life in itself is a journey to oblivion and the journey is undertaken in the Ship of Death. Death, after all, is an exit from ourselves.

In Part II, he tells the reader to build his Ship of Death for he will need it. He’s saying in other words that one has to prepare for death for it is absolutely necessary. This eventuality can occur at any time and one has to be prepared for it. All fear death (the frightened soul); besides, there are signs at times that crop up auguring death such as the bruised body (any deviation from normal health).

Since death is a voyage to oblivion, everyone hopes that at the end of the voyage he will finally experience the “quietness”, the real peace that we aspire for – “The deep and lovely quiet of a strong heart at peace.”    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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D.H. Lawrence and Other Views on Death - How They May Help Us Deal wit Essay.
(D.H. Lawrence and Other Views on Death - How They May Help Us Deal Wit Essay)
D.H. Lawrence and Other Views on Death - How They May Help Us Deal Wit Essay.
“D.H. Lawrence and Other Views on Death - How They May Help Us Deal Wit Essay”.
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