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The author of the paper states that death is inevitable and irreversible. As such, although many people may not understand the concept of death, it is true that nobody wants to experience this concept. We can refer to the concept of death as a period when a living thing dies…
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The Concept of Death
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Download file to see previous pages Death relates to the end of an individual’s life. It defines a permanent and irreversible end of all fundamental functions like breathing. Death leads to a condition of being dead. Ideally, various definitions of death depend on distinct factors like religion, culture, age, and academic field. The paper addresses various definitions of the concept of death. It also defines the different perspectives adopted by children and adults about the concept of death. The paper equally defines the concept of death with respect to culture especially the Chinese culture. Ultimately, the paper draws my opinion on the definitions of the concept of death. Legally, we can define death as a legal declaration by a person in authority that there is no need to continue offering medical assistance to a patient and that the patient is dead under the law. Furthermore, under medical terms we can define the concept of death as the end and cessation of all important body functions like breathing, thinking, and thumping. We also have a Biblical meaning of the concept of death. Indeed, the Bible refers to the concept of death as a separation of two things (Elliott 1). The Bible refers to the concept of physical death as a separation between the body and the soul (Elliott 1). On the other hand, it refers to the concept of spiritual death as human separation from God (Elliott 1). Regardless of these definitions, it is clear that humans do not adore death and barely want to think about it. However, it is true that the concept of death is universal since everybody must experience at some point in life. As such, there is need to seek more understanding on the concept of death. The understanding and perspective of the concept of death differ between children and adults. Indeed, the understanding of death changes as children grows and approach maturity. Adults always struggle to explain the concept of death to children (Speece 57-60). As such, adults should beware of how a child understands death at different stages of child development. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Definition Essay Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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