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Evidence-based physiotherapy: physiotherapists attitudes and experiences in the Wessex area by B.Sue & W. Rose - Essay Example

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This is a study done with the main aim of exploring physiotherapists’ views which they have accrued on evidence based practices.Further, the authors wanted to gain a deeper understanding of their understanding of the practices…
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Evidence-based physiotherapy: physiotherapists attitudes and experiences in the Wessex area by B.Sue & W. Rose
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Extract of sample "Evidence-based physiotherapy: physiotherapists attitudes and experiences in the Wessex area by B.Sue & W. Rose"

Download file to see previous pages This is a study done with the main aim of exploring physiotherapists’ views which they have accrued on evidence based practices.Further, the authors wanted to gain a deeper understanding of their understanding of the practices Further, the authors wanted to gain a deeper understanding of their understanding of the practices, their advantages and disadvantages is any and how they can be improved for replication. As Bury and Mead (1998) puts it, evidenced based practices have evolved for a long time and are much inclined to getting the best treatment and diagnosis based on both research and clinical trials. The basis of the research to use physiotherapists’ in conducting the research has acquired credibility since this are experienced persons in the area of physiotherapy and are best suited to advise on future use of the practices building on their various experiences (Newham 1997). Literature Review According to Mason (1996), research is supposed to inform and influence people and at the same time justify various actions employing new sources of knowledge. It is widely expected that readers will take the research findings word by word and thus it is important to support your assertions quoting other related works to make them credible. Literature review involves scanning entire pages of journals, books, magazines, speeches etc. and coming up with areas you consider as meeting points and applying in the writing to bring out the relationship. As Aveyard (2010) puts it, literature review is an integral part of any research report as it accords the researcher an important opportunity to strengthen the paper through the citing reliable authors who have previously dealt on the same topic. Review of literature gives readers the confidence that the area under study has been given serious thoughts by other writers. A paper without literature review will be containing only the author’s thoughts and opinions rendering it difficult for the researcher to convince the readers. As Newham (1997) puts it, a literature review is a sound foundation for the paper and the citation of other works makes the work worthy and useful as it will form a continuous foundation for future studies. The researchers of this paper have used reliable citations from other writers in the same field and have really created a sound basis for the paper and for future works in the area. The authors quoted are very few. The number should have been considerable in order to convince the readers that more reading prior to the actual research has actually taken place. However, the number of citations depends on other works on related topic. There are some topics which are yet to be extensively researched on and thus the minimal citations. The researchers have reviewed quite a number of writers to build up a valid and reliable paper. Using write-ups from other authors in the same field builds a strong foundation for the paper. Study Approach The researcher employed the use of qualitative research design and used focused group discussions and in-depth interviews to collect data for analysis. The use of the qualitative approaches is advantageous in that they generate general information/verbal information which is not in numerical form which is analyzed using the content or using holistic analysis approach. Further, in qualitative research study design, the researcher explains/comprehends the research findings using inductive reasoning. The researchers opted to use the qualitative approach in this study since qualitative data gathering method (e.g. focused group discussions and in-depth interviews etc.) are rigorous and flexible which means that changes and refinement of research ideas and setting are effected easily during study process (Hurley 2000; Creswell 2003). Qualitative data gathering tools are based on the general understanding the research setting. In addition, qualitative data ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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