Physiotherapists pain belief and their influence on the management of patients with chronic low back pain - Assignment Example

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The research questions whether physiotherapists base their treatments on their underlying beliefs on the causes of pain. It is a fact that the biomedical model suggests that pain is caused by tissue damage and so treatments to promote tissue healing will result in a positive outcome. …
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Physiotherapists pain belief and their influence on the management of patients with chronic low back pain
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Extract of sample "Physiotherapists pain belief and their influence on the management of patients with chronic low back pain"

Download file to see previous pages To make the article easily accessible by anyone, it includes full details of the authors, volume and page number of the journal in which it was published in addition to the article's title (Ryan et al., 2007). Those that are mentioned in this article are experts in this field that hold credible experience and qualifications. Abstract In research, an abstract is used in order to briefly describe the study and this information includes the method of the study, how data was gathered and analysed and sample details, as well as any important results and implications (Letts et al., 2007). This study starts with a clear and brief statement the purpose of the study, but the authors failed to give the information regarding the Sample Exclusion Criteria and the last statement in the abstract gave general conclusion. Introduction and Aims of study The introduction of the research was well structured and described the general definition of pain belief. The aim of the research, to examine the physiotherapists’ pain beliefs in the therapeutic encounter, was clearly stated. According to the researchers’ view, the physiotherapist’s pain belief could potentially influence their behaviour, affecting their decision- making plan or advice given to the patient. The researcher describes a frame work about the interdependency of the beliefs and behaviour. He claims that beliefs provide fundamental concepts which determine the behaviour which in turn influences the choice of treatment. Thus, the importance and relevance the research seeks to address has been identified. Literature Review This study, funded by professional organisations and published in the peer reviewed journal Spine fills in gaps in the...
This study, funded by professional organisations and published in the peer reviewed journal Spine fills in gaps in the literature and improves the understanding of experience-based practice. Despite the fact that the article regarding the pain belief of physiotherapists by Daykin and Richardson contributed valuable information to the literature, additional studies utilising larger samples would help to advance the therapeutic practice. Daykin and Richardson cited two earlier studies in which one of them proved the importance of the biopsychological model while the other showed the biomedical approach of a physiotherapist in relation to the therapeutic intervention of pain. However, the study misses on the implications of the biopsychological model despite the fact that references were used throughout. In the construction of this study, the authors have made use of previous reviews, focussing on psychological and social factors affecting the treatment of lower back pain. Conversely, they also made reference to a study by Foster et al., in which the researcher leaned towards the biomedical approach, not the bio-psychological. Daykin and Richardson stated that there was a wide variety of literature sources, which concentrated in on patient's perception of pain and few, which did the same for the pain belief of the physiotherapist. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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