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The Role of Spirituality in Medical Care and Clinical Practice - Essay Example

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The World Health Organization reports, ‘Patients and physicians have begun to realize the value of elements such as faith, hope, and compassion in the healing process’ (BMA, 2002)…
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The Role of Spirituality in Medical Care and Clinical Practice
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Download file to see previous pages An alcoholic falls into the category of mental care. Based on spirituality, the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has designed a twelve-step program for the recovery of alcoholics. This research paper will examine how spirituality contributes to their recovery. The second purpose of this study is to look at which qualities gives more satisfaction to the individual during the twelve-step program of AA. (I am not too sure if I have understood the second point clearly). The study would also determine qualities of the members who grow spiritually during recovery. Definitions of the terms spirituality, alcoholic, alcoholism, abuse, sobriety, addiction, abstinence, recovery, and dependence would help in the research work. Before going into the definitions, it is important to understand the far-reaching effects that alcohol has on human life.
Alcoholics Anonymous is an alcoholism-treatment organization founded in 1935. Ever since it has been treating millions. By 1995 it had 2 million members worldwide (Gleick E, 1995). Alcoholism was a closely held secret and carried a harsh social stigma. Alcoholics Anonymous brings such people together and helps them to recover and remove this stigma.
James Houck had begun drinking at age 5. At a meeting at the local YMCA of the Oxford Group, Houck was drawn to the group’s teachings, which were based on the four principles – honesty, purity, unselfishness, and love (August M, 2004). Having recovered fully, Houck made it his mission to spread the spiritual aspects of Oxford Group’s teachings amongst the new generation of recovering alcoholics, especially within AA. It is on these principles of life that the 12-step program of AA has been formulated.
Alcoholics Anonymous can be a solution for alcoholism, drug addiction and other addictions. A study was done by Vaillant (1983) and Vaillant and Milofsky (1992) found that self-help groups in the form of AA involvement were more useful than clinical treatment provided in maintaining abstinence.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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