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Pursuing Pharmacy as a Career - Personal Statement Example

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In the paper “Pursuing Pharmacy as a Career” the author analyzes pharmacy as a career in his life. Author’s interest is his desire to be of help to his mother who has been suffering from arrhythmia and cerebral infarction for years. It has been a family burden for her to heavily rely on medicines…
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Pursuing Pharmacy as a Career
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"Pursuing Pharmacy as a Career"

Download file to see previous pages In retrospect, it would not only be a family need that will be met but there would also be a well-directed course for my abilities and capabilities, fulfilling a long term professional goal. Chemistry and Biochemistry have always been interesting and enjoyable to me I guess not only because they are simply interesting but because they are my inclinations. As these subjects greatly comprise the major discussions in my chosen career, I believe my interests will be easily strengthened leading me to a successful expression of my interests and be focused with my goals. These days, my father continues to inspire me in my endeavors as he shares his views on facts and updates about science. I perceive this as a constant reminder for me to strive to achieve my goals despite the difficulties I encounter along the way. It is actually offering a great help, encouraging me to do better each day and be focused with my goals rather than the disturbances of life. One of his challenges to me is his education in Georgia Institute of Technology taking up his Doctors degree in computer Science where he expressed and fortified his interest in science particularly in Physics. Although our lines of interests are of different subjects, we strengthen our relationship with I get involved with especially in my pursuit of taking Pharmacy as a career. In addition to my interests in the field of science, I am also actively involved with the Youth Group of Ministers at Saint Thomas Korean Catholic church as a guitar player.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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