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Why I feel Iam deserving of the Good Neighbor Pharmacy Scholarship - Essay Example

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Through the program, many pharmacy students have been able to nurture their lifetime dreams and became important people in life. Having been a pharmacy student, who is…
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Why I feel Iam deserving of the Good Neighbor Pharmacy Scholarship
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Extract of sample "Why I feel Iam deserving of the Good Neighbor Pharmacy Scholarship"

Good Neighbor Pharmacy Scholarship Good Neighbor Pharmacy Scholarship is indeed one of the best initiatives aimed at assisting Through the program, many pharmacy students have been able to nurture their lifetime dreams and became important people in life. Having been a pharmacy student, who is enthusiastic about leadership, I strongly believe that I am the best candidate for consideration for the noble Good Neighbor Pharmacy Scholarship.
Most notably, I am a pharmacy student in graduating senior category. Whereas some students may have gone through the pharmacy course out of necessity, I must admit that practicing pharmacy has been a lifetime dream. I have pursued this course with diligence and hard work with constant improvement on my personal and interpersonal skills. I believe that a career in pharmacy should be built on fundaments of uncompromised integrity, strong morals, profound interest, and most importantly strong leadership skills. I have acquired all these skills and attributes with a specific focus on being one of the best and renowned professionals in pharmacy.
What set me apart from the rest is my ability to remain resilient, diligent, enthusiastic, and particular focused on leadership attributes in my personal and professional life. Although I am focused towards my career goals, I always find time to develop myself socially, culturally, spiritually, and physically. I believe in societal empowerment and therefore, owe my success to the society. I wish to share my professional and personal achievements with the community once I am through with the internship program. Therefore, Good Neighbor Pharmacy Scholarship will be a lifetime achievement and would be an investment in the most appropriate place. I guarantee that your kind consideration to offer me this rare but noble opportunity would be the most meaningful consideration.
List of Curricular Activities
Besides academic pursuing academic achievements, I have been overwhelmingly involved in physical development and teamwork. This is a list of physical activities that I have been involved in for the last few years
I did weight training for 5 years from 8th to 12th grade
Participated in football from 9th to 12th grade when I had an anterior cruciate ligament injury and had to go for surgery.
Fully participated in Track and field events during 8th 9th and 11th grade and attained fifth position in Jefferson 400 relay in 2011.
Played basketball upward bound in year 2003 and 2004
Participated in AWANA sports for three consecutive years from 2002 to 2004. 
Besides sports, I also participated in National Auto Student Skill Standard Assessment in 2012.
I was actively involved in Greene County Tech Center Automobile Engine Performance 2011.
I am certified in Greene County Tech Mechanical Safety 2010-2011
Certified in Greene County Tech Center in Mechanical Pollution Prevention 2010-2011
Throughout my life, I have been particularly enthusiastic in team building. I have a special ability to nurture effective communication, cohesiveness, and collaboration in teams. I lead by example and always seek to promote good and constructive behavior. I believe in synergistic integration of profound interpersonal, professional, and intellectual skills in achieving goals in life. Read More
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(Why I Feel Iam Deserving of the Good Neighbor Pharmacy Scholarship Essay)
Why I Feel Iam Deserving of the Good Neighbor Pharmacy Scholarship Essay.
“Why I Feel Iam Deserving of the Good Neighbor Pharmacy Scholarship Essay”, n.d.
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