Are Those Skills Enough to Pursue a Degree in Computer Information Systems at the University of Houston - Scholarship Essay Example

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The author of the paper "Are Those Skills Enough to Pursue a Degree in Computer Information Systems at the University of Houston?" being Colombian immigrantб approved TDCJ volunteer that have participated in the TDCJ Mentoring Program, pretends for the scholarship to continue education…
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Are Those Skills Enough to Pursue a Degree in Computer Information Systems at the University of Houston
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Scholarship Essay As I am an immigrant to this country, I have had to adapt to a culture that is not my own. Coming from Colombia and being in my late forties, I had very little going for me. I could not speak English and at times felt overwhelmed with what I was experiencing. For the first two years of living here in America, I struggled to fit into society. However, I was determined to forge a better life for me and my children. No challenge was too great that I couldn’t overcome it if I tried hard enough. At first, the only job that I could get was as a hotel cleaning lady. In 2008, I took the first step to feeling like I belonged here—I began taking English classes at the HCC. From these humble beginnings, I progressed to the point where I was able to begin taking college classes, specifically to do with computers. From here my English improved so much that I was able to pass my citizenship exams just last year. Although I will always be treated as an outsider, I now feel proud to call America my home. The skills that I have picked up on will help me in my pursuit of a degree in Computer Information Systems at the University of Houston.
A scholarship will greatly assist me in reaching my goal of completing my degree in Computer Information Systems. I believe that I deserve this not only for my educational achievements, but also for the volunteer work that I have done in the community. I am someone who always likes to give back to the community because I feel that everyone has helped me so much along the way. I am an approved TDCJ volunteer and have participated in the TDCJ Mentoring Program. The main tasks that I have been involved with as a volunteer include fostering care and support, encouraging personal development, assisting in personal visioning, and developing active community partnerships. I feel that this experience has not only helped me as a person, but has also made me appreciate this country that I now call home. For the mentoring program, the objective is to establish a trust-based relationship with accountability and responsibility from both the mentor and the mentee. As I have been a mentor with this program, it has been great to listen to the stories of people who come to me with their problems. I feel privileged to be able to offer suggestions and help in any way that I can. Even though my work as a volunteer and a mentor is not directly related to my degree, I feel that I have gained other invaluable skills that will assist me in the future.
Looking towards the future, I would like to further my pursuit of knowledge so that I can help others who may need it. I don’t want to be someone who expands learns something and then never uses it productively. I want to give back to my community and my country by using my degree to assist others in the pursuit of their goals. Read More
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