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Early Years Education: Influence of the Outdoor Environment Number] [Name of Instructor] Early Years Education: Influence of the Outdoor Environment Introduction The early years of an individual’s development are perhaps among the most influential years in a person’s lifespan…
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Early Years Education
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Download file to see previous pages Indeed, the environment plays an important role in the way by which students inculcate and integrate data into their daily lives. The environment has also been cited by numerous researches and studies as a vital part of education, affecting the manner by which information is delivered to the recipient, and how the recipient actually receives the data (Tiller and Huston 2002: 337). In relation, this paper will then look into the role played by the environment in education. More specifically, this paper will explore the effect of different environments on the education of individuals during the early formative years. This will be done by analysing an article published in the European Early Childhood Education Research Journal. The said article provides a detailed report of the study by Canning, entitled “The influence of the outdoor environment: den-making in three different contexts” (2010: 555). The said study explored den-making in three different environments or settings in the United Kingdom. In the process of looking into the role played by the environment in education, this paper will first present a brief discussion on the search strategy used to find the chosen article for review. Afterwards, a more detailed overview of the aforementioned article will be conducted, followed by a critical analysis of the research contained in the article. This paper will then present this author’s different reflections on the learnings derived from the article. Finally, this paper will provide recommendations or suggested changes for the setting of education during the Early Years Foundation Stage. Range of Search Strategies This assignment called for the conduction of a research that explores different articles and resources detailing concepts involving equal opportunities in teaching and learning, or those involving play. Various search strategies were employed during the search for the appropriate article for review. First of all, a visit to the school library was conducted, so as to help me have a “feel” for the topic being discussed. Numerous books and journals were available for reading, and as a result, I initially had a large number of resources from which to choose. However, choosing then became the tricky task so I reverted to ICT strategies, believing that the computer’s natural filtering abilities can help me narrow down the search. Thankfully, the said filtering capacities of search engines helped me to find articles in various databases for scholarly journals. Some databases employed during the search include Education Research Complete, ERIC database, and ProQuest Education Research Journals. The search for journals involving the provided topic yielded around thousand results, but filtering led to only around eight suitable articles. From these, the article detailed in the introduction of this paper was then chosen for review. Overview of the Research The study by Canning (2010) involves a small-scale research that looked into den-making practices of three different settings in UK, as well as the effectiveness of the formed dens in educating students in their early years of development. The study involved a narrative and non-participant observation of the subjects in the said dens. The subjects of the study involved children aged three to five years, as well as their educators practicing early years education, and who were ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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