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Human Behavior and the Environment Final project - Research Paper Example

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The couple has eight children; the eldest and only son who is nineteen years old and the youngest being three. Luis decided to migrate to America despite being successful in…
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Human Behavior and the Environment Final project
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Download file to see previous pages Together with the children, Luis is fluent in English although their first language is Spanish. When working on the vineyard, Luis began to experience unusual fatigue, felt unsteady, had some numbness and blurred vision, attributing them to the hard work. One day after experiencing total numbness in his lower back and legs, he was taken to hospital and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, leading to him being hospitalized for rehabilitation.
It is apparent that the behavior of Luis Perez is greatly influenced by his relatives, especially his parents. Being the youngest son, Luis was brought up by Ramon and Carmen in a strict catholic setting, therefore influencing him to adopt a catholic based behavior and the moral values associated with Roman Catholics. This influence can be seen in the way Luis decides to get into an early marriage with Maria, when he was just 20 years old and she was 19. Before they got married, their courtship was closely monitored and chaperoned by a great aunt to Luis. Ramon and Carmen are determined to keep their traditions alive within their family, therefore influencing Luis to make his marriage as traditional as possible in terms of roles. When his father Ramon dies, Luis tries to make funeral plans but is deterred by his mother Carmen as she does not let him make decisions. This makes him experience high levels of stress, especially financial stress that makes him pressurize his son Rolando to delay gong to college so that he can help with the family business. The desire for his business to succeed influences him to direct his son to quit education plans despite the fact that they migrated to America to access better education. The pressures in his life also contribute to his behavior, as seen in the way he struggles to earn a living. He works long hours in the vineyard and then tries to market his ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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