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The lives of the human beings are being influenced by certain factors according to the place they live at. The health of a community is dependent on several factors that can affect community health…
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What Influences the Health of a Community
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INFLUENCES ON THE HEALTH OF WESTMORELAND COUNTY OF PENNSYLVANIA The lives of the human beings are being influenced by certain factors according to the place they live at. The health of a community is dependent on several factors that can affect community health. These would be dependent not only on the social and economic environment, but also on physical environment. An individual's behavior and genetic also comes into play in these factors. If these environments are classified furthermore then, the health of a community depends on many different factors, including the environment, education and jobs, access to and quality of healthcare, and individual behaviors. (Catlin, Jovaag, Remington, 2013) Education is considered as one of the top most factors that influences and has a great impact on the Pennsylvania community and its members respectively. The state spends over $14 billion on public health insurance each year. Education plays an important role in every individual’s lives. If people are educated, the number of crimes committed is very less and there is an improved public health as well. People with higher levels of education tend to live longer, healthier lives and depend less on government-funded health programs than people with less education. (Mitra, 2010) Researches and many studies have showed that education is very beneficial to a human’s life in several ways. Educated people and an educated community will have an organized lifestyle and healthy diets. They are less likely to smoke, be obese, or engage themselves in drinking. For instance, if there is any health issue to any individual in the Pennsylvania community, education will help them to have that awareness that they would know what is better for them. What measures to be taken to improve their health therefore education effects in a way that it seeks to spread awareness. Quality education helps the Pennsylvania community to improve on both individuals and wider society as one. The behavior of every individual is another important factor which has a great impact on the community of Pennsylvania. However, every person has a different behavior solely and socially. Physical activity is a complex behavior that can be influenced by many factors. Involving community members in discovery of what shapes their physical activity experience is necessary to achieve clarity and accuracy. (Christenson E, 2009) Individual behavior plays a pivotal role in the community of Pennsylvania. Behavior can be of any type which includes the use of tobacco, poor diet, and alcohol. Therefore, 68.1% of individuals reported participating in regular physical activity to stay healthy. Those aged 65-74 reported the highest rate of participating in regular physical activity (77.5%); whereas only 68.9% of individuals aged 18-24 reported engaging in regular physical activity. (Hershey, 2012) Hence, there are numerous factors affecting the health of Westmoreland county of Pennsylvania. In my paper, I have already discussed about how education and individual behavior plays a crucial and important role in the lives of the people living in Pennsylvania individually and as a whole society too. However, economy plays and has a big impact as well on the health of the Westmoreland county of Pennsylvania. In a market economy everyone needs money to get things they require or want, and most people work for money. (Mirowsky, Ross, 2003). Social and economy is influential in the individual lives of every Pennsylvanian. Improving access to healthy food in low-income communities and communities of color in both rural and urban settings goes beyond improving diet and health outcomes—bringing new food outlets into underserved areas can also provide an economic stimulus in communities that may need it most. (Hagan, Rubin, 2013) All in all, there are many factors which are considered as a barrier to entry which have prevailed a healthy life and lifestyle of the Pennsylvania community and its members. Not only the issues mentioned above such as education, economical, or individual behavior but there are so many more which plays an important role influencing the lifestyle and health of the community. Other negative behaviors such as binge drinking or tobacco use are about even with the state rates and also tend to be much higher among young people. Cancer incidence and mortality rates, though similar to the state average, still raise concern, especially considering the aging populations of both counties. (York, Adams, 2012) Work cited York, Adams. (2012). York and Adams County Community Health Needs Assessment 2012 Christenson, M. E. (2008). Arthritis in rural communities: Correlates of physical activity. Catlin, B. B., Jovaag, A., Remington, P. (2013). County Health Rankings 2013: Pennsylvania Mirowsky, J., & Ross, C. E. (2003). Education, social status, and health. New York: Aldine de Gruyter. Read More
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