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In the essay “The Process of Financial Acquisition” the author describes the process of financial acquisition for his education, which has been pretty hard for him, especially now that he wants to expand his Education level with a Master’s degree in Psychobiology…
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The Process of Financial Acquisition
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Scholarship essay The process of financial acquisition for my education has been pretty hard for me, especially now that I want to expand my Education level with a Master’s degree in Psychobiology, an area do possess immense passion in. My parent has had a hard time educating me together with my brothers. It was quite a tough journey for her as I struggled to acquire my basic degree. I am from a single parent family, and the burden of fees payment entirely lies with my mother, who lacks a stable job. Worst of it all, all the international students do pay a lot of money in the institutions admitted. In addition to tuition fees, other requirements such as upkeep further make the burden wanting.
Therefore, I am requesting if you would be in a position to grant me a scholarship. Such a situation would just change my life and every decision I make since then I would have a simple time in my study and concentrate fully in my area of specialization. My mother who remains the sole breadwinner will cease to have an extreme financial burden she is currently having. Additionally, it would not only be a motivation to me, but also an intrinsic reward, whereby I would also like to assist needy students in the future. My success as a Psycho-biologist will be of great help to my burdened family and the community. I will be of immense assistance to the society in terms of contributing to community development projects such as free counselling sessions for mentally ill clients. I totally assure you that I will live an exemplary life worth emulation even to the other students. I look forward to your consideration to grant me a scholarship. Read More
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