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 The writer of this essay discusses the academic discipline that has always interested him since childhood was pharmacy due to the fact that his talents and core interest lie in this field. One of the primary reasons behind his decision of choosing pharmacy as his career option…
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Pharmacy as My Career Option
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Education is the foundation that is needed to grow as an individual. It provides people with skills and abilities that can be used in order to obtainan employment and become a part of the labour force. A formal education gives one a sense of direction and also increases one’s level of awareness. The academic discipline that has always interested me since childhood was pharmacy due to the fact that my talents and core interest lie in this field. One of the primary reasons behind my decision of choosing pharmacy as my career option is the fact that I want to learn more and obtain more knowledge about the subject.
From personal experiences I have seen my father suffer from asthma and my grandmother suffer from high blood pressure and diabetes. During these instances I was asked to go to medical shops and get the required medicines and drugs. When these events occurred my lack of knowledge on the subject frustrated me. At that time I had an immense desired to learn more about the subject in order to help people. I had watched a number of movies related to pharmacy and medicine. I had also in my personal time read books such as The Last Medicine by Arthur Hailey. These readings increased my interest for the profession of pharmacy.
One of my strengths is that I’m a person that takes advantage of every opportunity that comes my way. I also keep myself up to date with the current happenings, research, breakthroughs, and inventions in the fields of pharmacy and healthcare. I am a team player which a good trait in all professions particularly in the field of pharmacy because this will help me with the coordination in the inter-disciplinary treatment that pharmacy professionals need to provide. I seek to expand my knowledge base on every possible occasion and I am good at crisis management. I am capable of handling complex situations in a calm manner which is a pre-requisite for every professional in the field of pharmacy.
There were other reasons why I decided to pursue a career in pharmacy. For instance, I was intrigued by human psychology and its acceptance of trying circumstances. I am a compassionate person and enjoy extending a helping hand to those in need. In order to further my goal I have volunteered at various health camps. Core values such as equality, human dignity, and justice are of utmost importance to me. I aspire to devote myself to servicing humanity as a tool to give back what I can to society.
My goal in life is to become a pharmacist. Now that I have started on the path towards becoming a pharmacist I realized that is going to take a lot hard work and dedication to accomplish this goal. Pharmacy school is not easy, but so far I have enjoyed the courses I have taken. I did not realize before that I had to learn so many things about different subjects in order to become a professional in this field. In the past I thought that pharmacy school would be much easier. I know now that I have to continue to keep my good study habits in order to achieve good academic progress. Another thing that I learned while in pharmacy school is that a lot of learning occurs outside the classroom. Reading journal articles and additional supplementary material is imperative for aspiring pharmacist students. I am now more motivated than ever to continue pursuing a career in pharmacy. Read More
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