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Pharmacy from My Childhood - Admission/Application Essay Example

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In the paper “Pharmacy from My Childhood,” the author describes interest and curiosity to the pharmacy, which began a lot of years back when his mother took him to the tour of the Upper Levisa clinic retail pharmacy, where she worked as a pharmacy tech for fifteen years…
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Pharmacy from My Childhood
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Extract of sample "Pharmacy from My Childhood"

Download file to see previous pages While I was engrossed in observing my surroundings, my mother introduced me to her boss Fran Reason and her husband who was the chief of pharmacy at Pikeville Medical. I was amazed as to how she could remember all the names of the drugs but for her drugs was a part of life. She was an angel for the hundred of patients visiting there. As she worked through with a beautiful calm smile, I wondered about the human body, it’s functioning and how a drug can help if it develops a default.
That was the time when I decided what I wanted to be in life. I wanted an answer to all my queries and being a successful pharmacist was my drive since then. The keenness I own for the subjects of sciences - especially Chemistry - motivated me to consider regarding my future occupation and how a degree related to chemistry could be an option for me. I have at all times benefited from science and math all through my schooling and I have realized that I can merge both in a profession in pharmacy. I consider pharmacy to be a rapidly- developing career and distinguish that pharmacists are a great deal occupied in the initiation of new drugs for all sorts of diseases, and I find the thought of working in this area inspiring. My real enthusiasm lies in assisting others in a secure and successful method with the utilization of ground-breaking pharmaceutical medicines. I have grown to be inspired by my own aspiration of turning into a Pharmacist as I aim to make better the daily lives of people.
I work in the retail pharmacy Upper Levisa pharmacy during the week and summers when I don’t have classes. I attended school at Big Sandy Community and technical college at Pikeville Kentucky. I will be graduating with an associate in science from Big Sandy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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