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How does blood pressure relate to the level of stress - Essay Example

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The researcher of this following essay will make an earnest attempt to define systole, diastole and list the ranges of excellent, good, fair and poor. The paper tells that Cardiac Cycle consists of Atrial Systole, Atrial Diastole, Ventricular Systole and Ventricular Diastole…
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How does blood pressure relate to the level of stress
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Extract of sample "How does blood pressure relate to the level of stress"

Define systole, diastole and list the ranges of excellent, good, fair and poor. How does blood pressure relate to the level of stress you and the other person are typically under?
In a healthy heart it is seen that a series of event occurs to pump blood out of the heart to the different parts of body. Cardiac Cycle consists of Atrial Systole, Atrial Diastole, Ventricular Systole and Ventricular Diastole. Systole in general is used for the contraction of heart muscles and diastole is used for the relaxation of the heart muscles. Atrial Diastole occurs when the atrial muscles relax and Ventricular Diastole happens when the ventricular muscles relax. Similarly Ventricular Systole occurs when the ventricular muscles contract and atrial systole occurs when the atrial muscles contract. Systole of 120mm Hg is considered to be excellent along with a Diastolic pressure of 80. Systolic pressure of 130 with Diastolic pressure of 85 is fair. Above this pressure it can be said that the pressures are poor. However the worst condition can be when the Systolic Pressure reaches 180 mm Hg and the Diastolic pressure reaches 110 respectively.
Blood pressure and stress are related directly or indirectly. Researchers have found that stress either directly or indirectly plays a role in increasing the blood pressure. Stress causes an individual to go through an unhealthy routine and this may cause several hormones to be released. These hormones then cause constriction of vessels which would raise the blood pressure in an individual. Hence it can be said that blood pressure and stress are somehow related. It is commonly believed that high blood pressure is seen in many individuals because of their stress related activities.
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