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Effects of Arousal, Anxiety and Stress on Performance of Individuals - Term Paper Example

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 In the paper “Effects of Arousal, Anxiety, and Stress on Performance of Individuals” the author discusses the three concepts, which are interrelated and in most cases used together. Anxiety is defined as a negative emotion of worry, nervousness, apprehension…
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Effects of Arousal, Anxiety and Stress on Performance of Individuals
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Extract of sample "Effects of Arousal, Anxiety and Stress on Performance of Individuals"

Download file to see previous pages Both terms affect the performance of individuals either in work set up or in sporting activities (Cannon & Salas, 2013).
According to Driskill (2009) performance of individuals is directly depended on psychological and physical conditions of individuals, where performance measures include, good results, better results, and increased turnover. Individuals are surrounded by various sources of stress, anxiety, and arousal. The sources of stress and anxiety in individuals include trait anxiety, self-esteem, and social physique anxiety. It is outlined that individuals with high trait anxiety will have a higher state of anxiety. Those who are faced with arousal symptoms have feelings of worry, nervousness, and apprehension, this then leads to types of anxiety cognitive (having negative thoughts) and somatic (having perceived physiological arousal). The key influence of arousal on individual muscle tissue is its ability to stimulate blood flow increasing adrenaline; blood is pumped to the rest of the body. The stimulation of body creates muscle tension that is helpful in enhancing performance. Arousal and anxiety can be measured by looking at physical changes (respiration, heart rate) and behavior of the individuals (where the individuals either lack interest or feel withdrawn completely.
In some individuals predominantly sportspersons, optimum arousal can occur which is a result of having a balance between over and under arousal. Psychologists and physicians have outlined some of the signs of anxiety, arousal and stress as; profuse sweating, headache, dry mouths, ill feeling, difficulties sleeping, negative self-talk, a constant state of frequent urination, butterflies in stomachs, dazed look in eyes and an evaluation on a situation where there is better performance.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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