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The Importance of the Mental Skill of Imagery - Case Study Example

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The paper 'The Importance of the Mental Skill of Imagery' presents that psychological preparation which is vital for athletes to pursue the best performance. Athletes generally perform up to the mark when they have better acquaintance and application of psychological strategies and principles…
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The Importance of the Mental Skill of Imagery
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Extract of sample "The Importance of the Mental Skill of Imagery"

Download file to see previous pages This paper also examines how athletes can develop a positive mental state that includes motivation, aspiration, anxiety, and arousal.
Psychological behavior tends to have a significant impact on anything a person does in his life. Mental imagery refers to the feeling that one has before taking specific action or doing a particular work. Mental behavior affects the performance of athletes as well. Mind shapes perceived information in the form of images. As it has been scientifically proven, positive and negative images have a profound impact on the daily life of every person.
Stress and tension can multiply the development of negative imagery in mind which can impede the performance of individuals in their specific fields. To cope up with tension and stress during sports, many researchers have done substantial research in this area. Taylor and Shaw (2002) in their study have discussed the impact of the positive and negative outcomes of mental imagery in golf. They concluded and suggested that it is advisable for golfers to avoid negative mental imagery as this can hamper the confidence and therefore the performance as well. They further advised that positive imagery is better to enhance the performance than negative imagery or no imagery. However, it was observed that using negative imagery can bring more drastic outcomes than using no imagery.
Performance is influenced by pressure is a well-established fact. A study conducted by Cooke, Kavussanu, McIntyre, and Ring (2010) examined the underlying mechanism of performance-pressure relationships. Their study also supports this argument that performance is heavily based on pressure elicits.
Athletes often become a public figure and due to this fact, they face extraordinary pressure of performing remarkably in front of large audience. Some of sports participants take this pressure positively and present an outclass performance while being under pressure. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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