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The causes of stress today are rather basic and close to everyone. It boils down to the daily life related issues such as the economy, security, work hours and so on. Stress however leads to diseases that are in most…
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Download file to see previous pages Victims of terrorism are the most affected. They experience trauma for periods of time depending on the levels of shock. There are different types of victims, there are those who lose loved ones, those who witness the terror attack, those who survive the terror attack and those who hear about it first hand from close people. For example, in the September 2001 attack on the USA.
Al Qaeda and Bin Laden attacks in the past have rendered so many afraid. The security system of the United States celebrates the death of Osama Bin Laden but however cannot forget the almost ten different attacks on their citizens and the many deaths caused by terrorists mostly of the Jihad culture.
According to the USA security system, over seventy terror related reports were identified in a year in 2001. Many studies in the colleges and universities on terrorism and communication have in the recent past began.
Post-traumatic stress has been common for the ones who lost loved ones. They experience a dis-attachment to the real world. According to Fields, the victims of terror experience a great feeling of loss. Some may feel guilty as to why they survived the 2001 terror attack. The incidents that happened recur in their minds and they are afraid that such an ordeal could happen again. The most common effect is isolation. It is easier for victims to isolate themselves from others; remain in the house or in familiar surroundings only.
On the other hand, traumatic stress is characterized with the reluctance to express oneself. More so for the ones who witnessed a terror ordeal, they are withdrawn and they require guidance and therapy to overcome stress and trauma.
The cost of living has in the past drastically changed. Each year, the cost of living keeps fluctuating. However, one thing is certain, life has become more expensive now than in the pats. There are more bills to pay and more that takes away ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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