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Concept Analysis Paper: Stress - Essay Example

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Stress Name Instructor Task Date Modern life is full of situations that disturb the minds of people making them to be frustrated and lack a sense of direction and drive to life. Deadlines, demands and life issues cause stress, and it has become a common occurrence for most people today…
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Concept Analysis Paper: Stress
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Download file to see previous pages Other scholars define stress as a fact of nature, which entails forces from the environment that affect an individual and prompts them to change their way of life and their environment. The psychological view of stress is a negative one since psychologists argues that stress causes people to change how they relate to people and generally how they live their lives (Science Daily, 2011). Psychologists argue that stress comes from a negative aspect in people’s lives, which makes them to be affected in a way that makes their living uncomfortable. People always see stress as a bad thing, but from a biological standpoint, stress can be negative, neutral or positive depending on how an individual responds to it. People react differently to stress since what one finds stressful may not be stressful to another individual. Therefore, stress has different triggers and anything can cause stress depending on the psychological makeup of an individual (Medicine Net, 2011). Generally, the way people think can be the cause of stress, but the antecedents of stress can be but not limited to either of the following. Death of a loved one Family issues Financial problems Sickness Problems at work Relationships There are other minor causes of stress, which people will react to differently since the situation may be stressing to one individual and not to another and they can be but not limited to: Fear of crime Job loss Overcrowding Pollution Being pregnant Retiring Noise Uncertainty in life matters People will react to stress differently because different people will interpret situations differently, they will call for different actions for situations, and because of the ability of different individuals. Situations that are not negative may be worrying since people think that they are not passably primed to meet the situation efficiently, and this will cause an imbalance in their lives. What matters in an individual is their response to stress since their response will determine if they become stressed or not (Help Guide, 2011). Psychologists explain that perceiving situations negatively is the main cause of stress and people need to have a positive view of situations in order to deal with stress. If people learn to respond to situations in a better way, they will be able to respond to stress effectively and use it for their benefit. The effects of stress on the body and behavior of an individual vary, but they are generally the following. Sweating Pain in the back and chest Muscle pains Erectile dysfunction Fainting Headache Problems with the heart such as heart disease High blood pressure Libido loss Immunity loss Biting nails Problems with nerves Sleeplessness Stomach pains Stress will affect the thoughts and feelings of individual in the following ways due to the imbalance it causes in their psychological makeup. Rage tenseness Exhaustion Gloominess Lack of self-belief Lack of memory Bad temper Concentrating problems Impatience Misery Stress also causes a change of behavior and people will change how their conduct themselves in different ways. The most common responses to behavior are Eating too much or too little Hunger Drug abuse and alcohol abuse Smoking Withdrawal from friends Crying Affiliation problems (Stress, 2011) Diagnosis of stress depends on various factors, but doctors are sable to diagnose it based on symptoms alone. Health ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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