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Breast feeding - the issue of attachment - Essay Example

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Babies were born ready to be breastfed. Breastfeeding is an action of a woman feeding an infant with milk produced from her mammary glands, usually directly from the nipples. Babies have a sucking instinct allows them to extract milk from the mother. According to WHO/UNICEF breastfeeding is defined as the child receives breast milk direct from the breast…
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Breast feeding - the issue of attachment
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Extract of sample "Breast feeding - the issue of attachment"

Download file to see previous pages Public health intervention is recommended to facilitate decrease of developing a disease and to help promote or maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Public Health Nurses are specially trained in lactation counseling offer education and support during the prenatal and postpartum period to help mothers get a good start with nursing. Public Health Nurses can give advice and support by sharing extensive experiences on babies and children and will be able to answer any questions or problems mothers might encounter while breastfeeding. They provide support and services especially for new mothers to enable the uptake and continuation of breastfeeding (, 2006)
The health benefits of breastfeeding for both mothers and infants are increasingly recognized worldwide and in Scotland. It is a big public issue that concerns the health of the nation. Statistic shows that breastfeeding rates affect the public heath. In 1995, only 55% of Scottish mothers started breastfeeding compared to 68% in England and Wales. The multidisciplinary approach to breastfeeding promotes and support awareness about the value and practice of breastfeeding. In year 2000, the proportion of infants' breastfed in the UK increased by 3%, for Scotland (8%), while a 2% improvement in England and Wales due to changes in the age and educational attainment of mothers. Scotland was also the only part of the UK to record an increase in breastfeeding beyond birth, with higher prevalence at all ages up to 9 months. Scotland now has the UK's highest breastfeeding rate at all ages from 4 months (, 2002)
"Promoting breastfeeding is a key public health measure." (, 2004). The Breastfeeding (Scotland) Bill was approved to make it an offence to prevent or stop anyone feeding milk to a child or infant who is otherwise permitted to be in a public place or licensed premises; to make provision in relation to the promotion of breastfeeding; and for connected purposes. This Bill stands a strong political message to support the importance to increase the rates of breastfeeding in Scotland for the health and welfare of our children. Breastfeeding is not a shameful act but a normal nurturing behavior (, 2004)
Breastfeeding can also affect the relationship between the mother and the child. The maternal bond is strengthened through breastfeeding, by the mother's nurturing feelings towards the child. Breastfeeding provides physiological and psychological benefits for both mother and child. It creates a special emotional attachment and parental bonding (, 2006) Research on breastfeeding opened topics on interventions both in medical and political issues. The search were focused on the importance of breastfeeding in mothers and infants. The system of searching were based on relevant issues pertaining to breastfeeding. The search started on historical overview, prevalence in UK and Scotland, promotional ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Breast Feeding - the Issue of Attachment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4750 Words.
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It can be noted that the places where individuals stay also determine their need to own guns or not. Reach Chuck argues that gun ownership depends on where one lives. Most people in rural America believe that guns are an integral part of their lives. For instance, “A compilation of December Gallup polls showed that rural Americans — roughly one-sixth of the population — are more than twice as likely to have...
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