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The Dark side or the inner beast and its deferent manifestation in the modern novels - Research Paper Example

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Exploring the Dark Beast within Modern British Literature I. Introduction Contrasting nature of human condition is a regular issue appeared again and again in world literature. As the philosophical progress proceeded towards modernism and further post-modernism, study of human behavior also upgraded its definitions…
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The Dark side or the inner beast and its deferent manifestation in the modern novels
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Download file to see previous pages II. Consideration of some leading pieces of literature Some of the major concerns regarding the portrayal of inner beast are inherited in religious tales of Abrahamic religions that entail the story of Lucifer, and how he despised God to prove his superiority over human being. Other than religious concerns, a wide variety of traditional literature, and other arts too, again and again imply towards the vanity, pride and ego leading human to turn into a beast that is away from compassion and believes in his superiority to control the world and even to replace the God. A major work of Great Russian author Fyodor Dostoevsky, Crime and Punishment has been devoted wholly to this concept of man’s feeling and rationalization of superiority to replace God in order to control the world. Similarly, many of literature’s artifacts deal with the issue of inner beast. A number of British literature artifacts and their attachment with the issue of darkish human nature and inner beast are discussed further. A. A Passage to India When we look at the attitude that British had adopted during the times of British rule over half of the world, we find out that British attitude had been involved in similar consideration of superiority to declare all other breeds and races inferior to British. A major work that Depicts this crude reality is E. M. Foster’s “A passage to India”. Considerably, India had been a country ruled by kings before. British entered there as businessmen. Significantly, British people had never mixed their culture with Indians as all the earlier rulers like Moguls did. Foster has depicted a clear racial discrimination of British rulers who became beasts in order to sustain with their fake feeling of superiority over other races. Apparently, the legal case within A Passage to India relates to an actual instance of General Dwyer issuing “an order requiring Indians to crawl through a street where an English girl, Miss Marcella Sherwood, had been attacked. In Passage Mrs. Turton, after the supposed attack on Adela, says to the Indians, ‘They ought to crawl from here to the caves on their hands and knees whenever an Englishwoman's in sight’ (Hawkins). While some critics blamed Foster for downplaying the horrors of British colonialism in India, others found his exploration of British violence as a representative of the genteel Beastliness with which British people covered their un-Christian actions towards fellow human beings. In this case, not just a man but a whole community turns into a community of beasts. Forrester’s depiction still stands ahead of much literature over dark side of human nature as it does not raise just an anti-hero who turns bad out of some circumstances; rather it depicts blindness of a whole community to recognize human rights and equality. Although British are still accused of such behavior, it would be rather more racial to level those acts over a race. For example, still tackling an issue of British and European domination, Conrad has charged this darkness to human behavior. A depiction on almost similar issues of cruel treatment with native Africans appear in Heart of Darkness when he entails the utmost cruelty of British over Africans. Similarly, in The Magus, contrastingly an individual conquers the beast hidden within. B. The Magus Another major work by proficient British author ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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