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This essay describes the problem of obesity, its consequences and important parts of reducing obesity. Obesity is an epidemic in which results in an increase of the natural energy reserve in humans and mammals. Obesity has been associated with various diseases…
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Reducing Obesity
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Extract of sample "Reducing Obesity"

Download file to see previous pages This essay "Reducing Obesity" outlines the impact of the obesity on the health, ethical and legislative aspects of this problem and the steps that should be taken to reduce it. Increased fat mass is associated with osteoarthritis, obstructive sleep apnea and social stigma. Increase in number of fat cells has been associated with diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Obesity has many costs for a country’s health services. The situation is even worse for low income countries. There are personal, health and economic factors due to obesity (Hedley, 21, 2004).
Obesity occurs if there are problems in energy balance. Reducing obesity is not only based on medical treatment. Other factors are also essential in the treatment of obesity. Dietary changes and physical activity are vital for weight loss but do not guarantee it. Effective interventions tackle diet and physical activity in an integrated way. Successful intervention must be sustainable and influence energy balance. Changing the environment is one of the best ways to ensure long-term permanent change. This paper studies the socio-political context of obesity on health. It discusses the ethical, professional and legal perspectives of reducing obesity (Hofferth, 51, 2005).
The public health revolution in the United States has been revolutionized by the intervention of legislative strategies. The average life expectancy has increased due to legal regulations. Further infectious diseases no longer pose a threat to the American public. Law is the primary tool for controlling obesity.
Physical activity is another strategy that plays a part in reducing obesity. It is also the key to reshaping the medical care system which provides better preventive and curative services to the public.
Prohibition model for food does not work simply because obesity is very much complex. Some people who eat fast food are more vulnerable to getting obese, but other people who do not eat fast food are equally at the risk of getting fat. Obesity is a lifelong problem which requires great time and effort to change behavior (Kromeyer, 41, 1999).
Laws can produce an environment that makes it easier to eat less and exercise regularly but they cannot complete eradicate the problem of obesity. Obesity as a disease has many social stigmas associated with it (Moyers, 31, 2005).
Obesity has become a legislative topic which tremendous pressure to pass laws that can reduce it. Change can only occur if powerful groups care about an issue. Obesity is quickly becoming a public concern. Therefore laws must be passed to deal with it. Many laws will have no impact but they can definitely make a difference. Legislation which focuses on reducing obesity on a long term is viable. It needs to tackle the factors associated with obesity.
Obesity impacts on the cost and availability of food. The policy of the US was to make food cheap and abundant. Ways were sought to make food less perishable. Food substitutes were developed to replace expensive products like beet sugar. Industrial production reduced the cost of food. Today in the United States food prices are very much low. Cheaper and widely available food is one of the most important cultural changes behind obesity (Ogden, 81, 2002).
Schools have been the major contributors of obesity. School lunches now consist of vending machines that serve snacks and soft drinks. Unlimited amounts of fast food and candy is available at school cafeterias. Organized physical activity has been reduced in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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