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Public health professionals and ergonomists are beginning to be concerned with the issue as this does not only have healthy consequence but also economic cost. Study showed that sick leave is significantly…
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Technical erporting
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Teacher Informative summary: Obesity, ergonomics and public health Obesity is fast becoming a problem that it now affects our workforce. Public health professionals and ergonomists are beginning to be concerned with the issue as this does not only have healthy consequence but also economic cost. Study showed that sick leave is significantly associated with obesity which costs the company an economic expense for the loss of productivity.
The study has identified that sedentary work is one of the main causes of obesity. The routine work that ergonomists has long identified as a health risk is now again frustrating experts to be one of the main causes of obesity. It is therefore encouraged that public health officials must do collaborative work to address work induced obesity. One of the solutions proposed to address obesity is to establish a model of ergonomics that redesigns work and workplaces. Along with it is the rethinking of equipment design, attitudes in the workplace and design guidance. It is important to bear in mind that a holistic redesign is necessary because mere physical strenuousness of work appears to have little effect on reducing obesity as study showed it only has a moderate effect of 7%. Ergonomics has much to offer in helping reduce the concerns about obesity in the workplace. Read More
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