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Empowerment in Adolescent Obesity : State of the Science (Concept Analysis : Empowerment in Nursing) - Research Paper Example

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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Empowerment in Adolescent Obesity Introduction A recent survey conducted by the U.S researchers found that obesity poses several challenges to most teenagers in the United States. Besides the health hazards associated with obesity, there is the social aspect of peer discrimination that obese adolescents face in most American settings…
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Empowerment in Adolescent Obesity : State of the Science (Concept Analysis : Empowerment in Nursing)
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Extract of sample "Empowerment in Adolescent Obesity : State of the Science (Concept Analysis : Empowerment in Nursing)"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, this document analyzes obesity in adolescents and mitigation measures in controlling it. 1. The provided article critically analyzes measures, which nurses may use, in a bid to control obesity in adolescents through empowerment, and thus improve their health and their self-esteem (Cochran 63). The author has explicitly explained measures that nurses and other parties can use in order to eliminate the problems associated with obesity. The author also intends to give the dangers associated with obesity, in a bid to presage the adversities awaiting these teens in adult age if they do not take immediate action. Among them are, high blood pressure resulting to heart complications and diabetes. Through this article, nurses will be able to empower teenagers towards the elimination of obesity and its effects. 2. The nurses saw the need to use teen empowerment to aid them in eliminating obesity and its ill effects. According to the article, empowerment develops in three phases. The first phase is the personal empowerment that grows with self-understanding, personal attitude being the power. The second is the organization phase, where facilitators make, upholding work settings to help individuals in having personal action that positively contributes in the association’s operations. The third phase is the community empowerment, where individuals cooperate towards achieving a one objective (Cochrane 67). In my view, the definitions are suitable in explaining empowerment as a strategy in eliminating obesity in teens since they are systematic. As a result, these definitions emphasize my initial thought of giving someone power to solve their own problems. 3. Various phrases define empowerment, all emanating from diverse sources. One of them is acquainting a person with command over his or her own predicaments. Another phrase depicting empowerment is promoting self-esteem to a person facing challenges. The key disparity between the first and the second definition is that the latter is active. Other synonyms include; authorization, making one powerful, and giving one a go-ahead. Moreover, empowerment depicts one bestowing people with mastery of their lives. The definitions are similar, since they connote an individual having supremacy over their challenges. 4. It is clear that obesity in adolescents has been an insignificant dilemma in the past, since the percentages have only risen recently. As a result, nurses saw the need to mitigate the predicament by applying empowerment concepts to the teenagers. Moreover, obesity worst affects the disadvantaged youth. These adolescents may grow into obese adults, particularly if their parents are also obese. On the other hand, self-esteem and self-determination often results to adolescent empowerment. In this case, empowerment is antecedent to self-esteem and self-determination (Cochran 66). 5 There are different characteristics of empowerment for obese adolescents listed by author. For instance, there is an inner awareness that involves numerous behavioral traits such as self-esteem, self-actualization and self-concept. Alternatively, the author describes self-esteem as that thought mechanism inspiring how people rate themselves in terms of value. The other characteristic of empowerment for obese youth is enabled potential. This entails the inner and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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