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Obesity-Empowerment What Would Empowerment 'Enthusiasts' Think Of The Proposals For Addressing The Problem Of Obesity Indicated In The Article? When the weight of the body is greater than the approved weight with good physical shape it is called obesity. Obesity can happen because of consuming unhealthy food and inadequate physical exercise…
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Obesity - empowerment
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Obesity-Empowerment What Would Empowerment 'Enthusiasts' Think Of The Proposals For Addressing The Problem Of Obesity Indicated In The Article? Whenthe weight of the body is greater than the approved weight with good physical shape it is called obesity. Obesity can happen because of consuming unhealthy food and inadequate physical exercise. The rising inexpensive extra calorie meals such as fast foods, growing urbanisation, shifting medium of transportation and others have increased the obesity rate in this era. Obesity is a global problem. It has increased because of the accessibility of high energy providing food due to the liberalisation in global food markets. Many transactional foodstuff organizations are swarming in the international market which offers inexpensive food with no nutrients. The mega markets are influencing people towards bulk purchase of convenience food which suit their lifestyle. The healthy food has become more costly compared to unhealthy foodstuff. The increasing rate of marketing activities of foodstuff that focuses upon children make them wish for food containing high calorie, sugar and fat (Shah, 2010). For children, obesity possesses a great threat because it can result in heart syndrome, high cholesterol as well as high level of blood pressure. The obese kids have 70% probability to become overweight adults. It is not a superficial issue anymore. The obesity nowadays is cursing the young generations (Cochran, 2008). The empowerment enthusiasts have thought to prevent and reduce the children obesity. Empowerment is described as a technique to inspire people or develop self–esteem thinking among them. Through empowerment a person can gain control over the obesity problem. It is educated by the effects of individual requirement and mutual effect. Empowerment can be of three types. The psychological empowerment can rise with the development of self– understanding. It is based on person’s capability, self–respect, knowledge development, as well as participatory behaviours. The organizational empowerment is based on developing and preserving good work environment which affect the value that assists in the change of personal action. It is the development of organizational performance which lets every individual to involve. The community empowerment means the synergy which results from person and communities that are performing together for a joint goal. In general, it can be concluded that empowerment is the inner awareness of a person’s potential. It can result in certain activities which are intended for certain outcome. Thus, empowerment of enthusiasts can help to achieve good health and thus minimise the obesity. The proper education, health beliefs and health encouragement campaigns are the methods which can help to resolve obesity problem among children as well as youth (Cochran, 2008). In Australia, the number of obese people had increased considerably. Almost 1 child out of 20 is obese in Australia. In the last 20 years, the usual weight of Australian people had raised approximately by 0.5–1 kg in a year (Commonwealth of Australia, 2009). To control the obesity rate a health program had been conducted which educates the children towards the advantage of eating nutritious food. It had also taught about preparing food because majority of Australian students have the tendency to eat fast foods which are prepared in the microwave. This is the major problem for obesity among children. The health program had contributed great results as 80% of total participants of the health program had reduced their extra weight and in two years after completion of the program, 62% had still not gained any extra weight. Enthusiasts thought that the physical education has great affect on the obesity of children but once they leave the health program the influence of outer world makes them obese again. Thus, proper health program is needed on a regular basis in classroom and children must be influenced against the bad affect of unhealthy food. The physical education for kids should not be optional rather it should be obligatory which can prevent the rate of obesity (Benson, 2010). References Benson, K., 2010. Schools Key To Winning The Battle of The Bulge. Life & Style. [Online] Available at: [Accessed May 24, 2011]. Cochran, J., 2008. Empowerment in Adolescent Obesity: State of The Science. Journal of Rural Nursing and Health Care, vol. 8, no. 1. [Online] Available at: [Accessed May 24, 2011]. Commonwealth of Australia, 2009. Obesity in Australia. Department of Health and Ageing. [Online] Available at:$File/obesity-2.pdf [Accessed May 24, 2011]. Shah, A., 2010. Obesity. Article. [Online] Available at: [Accessed May 24, 2011]. Read More
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