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Statement - Essay Example

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I am a self-motivated individual with goals for social empowerment towards academic potentials and economic sustainability among members of my immediate society and beyond. These goals have motivated my academic pursuit for professional and social strategic position that can…
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ment I am a self-motivated individual with goals for social empowerment towards academic potentials and economic sustainability among members ofmy immediate society and beyond. These goals have motivated my academic pursuit for professional and social strategic position that can influence policies among government agencies and motivate community based initiatives for identification and solution of social problems.
I am currently in the second semester of my PhD Program in Secondary Education that my university has sponsored. My main research interest is nutrition with focus on behavioral and social determinants of food choices, diet quality and health, human nutrition, and relationships between autism and diet. This identifies diversified topics for my dissertation and my focus in the dissertation will be household poverty and wellbeing with focus on the factors’ covariance and their individual and interaction effects on education. The dissertation may also consider demographic factors and their effects on households’ economic and social status as well as effects on academic achievements. My interest for the dissertation further extends to health conditions among poor population segments, especially obesity and diabetes. Within this scope, I may focus on the relationship between poverty levels and incidence rates of obesity as well as relationship between incidences of obesity and diabetes and food security among the population segment.
The research interest identifies diversified target population segments. Of prime target are adolescent girls because of their presumed vulnerability to their environment. Other population segments for consideration in my research are parents of the adolescents, the elderly, and adults with disabilities. I have not developed a work schedule for my Qualitative II project but shall likely precede with my project on Nutrition Advertisements Influence the Perception of Adolescent Girls on their Eating Habits and Nutritional Status. Read More
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