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Using hospital robots for surgery saves time and lives - Essay Example

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Alabama hospital has embarked on using robots for surgery in a move to replace surgical doctors and thus reduce the deaths caused by delayed surgical operations in patients. The management of the hospital has chosen to inform patients of the new invention…
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Using hospital robots for surgery saves time and lives
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Extract of sample "Using hospital robots for surgery saves time and lives"

Using Hospital Robots for Surgery Saves Time and Lives Problem/ Solution Scenario Topic: Should hospitals in theUSA be allowed to use robots for surgery? Problem: Hospital surgery robots invention is an unsafe medical technology that saves time and lives. Audience: Alabama hospital patients My role: Medical practitioner at Alabama Hospital Scenario: Alabama hospital has embarked on using robots for surgery in a move to replace surgical doctors and thus reduce the deaths caused by delayed surgical operations in patients. The management of the hospital has chosen to inform patients of the new invention and its advantages by including it on every patient’s hospital card. Format: Patients’ hospital card Introduction The Alabama hospital has acquired a robotic system that facilitates surgeons and other medical staff to carry out even extremely complex and fragile operations through very tiny incisions. Patients are likely with these types of operations where cuts are less than a few inches in diameter. Alabama hospital values the life of every patient and we learn that the time spent to complete a single surgery can be significantly reduced by the adoption of appropriate robotic technology. Our medical staffs including surgeons have been competent and very efficient, but with the changing technology and increasing complexity of surgical operations, we saw the need to adopt this amazing technology. Robotic technology is not that complicated or dangerous as perceived by some people. This technology is appropriate because it saves time, reduces cost, increases efficiency, accurate, and the best of all, it automatically reduces the many adverse outcomes associated with most surgeries. Our solution is a simple or a single-phase solution. Saving Time and Reduction of Deaths That Occur During Surgery Family of patients who agree on their affected member be operated by hospital robots may notice a faster operation procedure. Robots are designed such that they can perform very complex tasks within a very short period. Human beings are bound to tire hence may require breaks in between the operations, but robots are designed to perform tasks from the beginning to the end with interruptions. Use of robots in heart surgery can reduce the duration that a normal surgery of the heart takes, though this may vary depending on the experience and expertise of the surgeon and practice with the equipment. The longer the surgery the more harmful it is to the patient due to the effect of anesthesia. Use of robots to perform complex surgeries has also reported less loss of blood, less pain, and a quicker recovery period after successful surgeries. Robotics is designed to function hence accurately if in a good working condition they can produce the same or better services as a human surgeon. The computerized system is programmed such that there are minimal chances of making mistakes (St. Vincent 2). Does Alabama hospital Robotic system prioritize the needs and lives of patients? Yes! Our new invention offers priority to ensuring that the life of the patient comes first. This is the reason Alabama hospital has established a very intense and efficient support system that can almost be found nowhere else. In cases of problems with the robotic technology during surgery which rarely happen, our efficient and well trained technicians identifies the problem almost immediately and respond accordingly. This is also true to patients who might experience faults after the surgery; our medical staffs are able to rectify the situation as soon as possible (Dillow 1). Does this mean that Alabama hospital no longer requires surgical doctors? Surgical doctors are still important to the Alabama hospital and will continue to offer surgical and medical assistance to patients. It may be too early to make any prediction on the fate of medical staff and their support staff of Alabama hospital with full adoption of robotic technology. Robots are not in hospitals to replace doctors but they complement or assist the medical staff due to their accuracy and do not tire. Robots will not only revolutionize the health sector but they will also improve the quality of health care and increase job opportunities. Computerized robotic technology will require surgeons to oversee their operations and will offer job opportunities for people from other professions such as engineers due to their technical maintenance. However, with the objective of reducing operation cost, Alabama hospital administration may decide to replace a section of the physician-oriented services with robotic systems (Bekey, George and Sukhatme 15). Conclusion For effective and fast surgical operations in Alabama hospital, all patients will be optimized to undergo a surgical operation aided by hospital robots in an effort to reduce deaths caused by delay by surgical doctors and improve healthcare services in the hospital. The expectation of Alabama hospital is that embracing the use of fast robots for surgery will result in a decrease in the period spent by patients waiting for surgical doctors to get their operation done. Work Cited Bekey, George and Gaurav S. Sukhatme. The path to Autonomous Robots: Essays in Honor of George A. Bekey. New York: Springe 2009.print, 2009. Dillow, Clay. GE's Hospital Robot Could Reduce Human Errors And Save Lives. 1 31 2013. 15 January 2013 . St. Vincent. "Alabama leader in Robotic surgery: Why robotic surgery?" Medical report. 2013. Read More
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montana16 added comment 4 months ago
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I didn’t know how to start my document. "Using hospital robots for surgery saves time and lives " helped me out a lot! Especially the list of closing part was valuable.

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