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Mobile medical applications - Essay Example

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This paper will discuss healthcare medical software applications specifically designed to perform specialized functionalities, and run on smartphones tablet PC’s and other advanced mobile devices. Typically, they are operated by the owner of the mobile device via an operating system. Similarly, mobile medical applications are used to assist in health Science and medicine fields…
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Mobile medical applications
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Extract of sample "Mobile medical applications"

Download file to see previous pages To start with, iPhone is a line of internet as well as multimedia-enabled smartphones. They are mostly designed and marketed by the Apple Company. This device has proved to be versatile and ubiquitous tool and therefore it can be customized for any desired task. Additionally, iPhone has a very significant role to play in health care currently and in future. This stems from the fact that the contemporary world is changing tremendously and iPhone is not locally designed which gives it an added advantage as a global tool. (Grothaus et al, 2011)
How is iPhone changing health care?
Smartphone applications have an integral part to play in healthcare technology. This is because it can be used in many different ways to change the lifestyle of many people around the universe. This is happening in a rapid pace for it is enabling humanity to manage their healthcare. In addition, the health care providers and patients are using the iPhone and other medical applications to communicate. This enables the sharing of important pieces of information using the mobile technology. For instance, an appliance like the Medscape which is basic in the iPhone is well known for boasting many references. These references include, drug, disease clinical references, clinical image and procedural videos. IPhone also has an Epocrates applications feature which is used as a drug interaction tool checker and pill identifier used by the doctors to monitor their patients accurately. IPhone can also help the researchers and the physicians with tangible information which would help them to compile a good research and information about different sicknesses and how to combat them either using curative or preventive measures. For this reason, IPhone will enable the medical professionals to be able to process any information in a very minimal time. While this transition takes place health care will no longer be time consuming as it used to be. (Holzinger, 2011) Furthermore, doctors are now prescribing the health applications with their clients in everything. For example some doctors prescribe these applications as pill reminders for the diabetic patients as well as those using a family planning method. This means that the iPhone as a smartphone will facilitate the changes in the health care especially how it is run and managed now and in the near future. Moreover, without medical schools it will be almost impossible to have great physicians and doctors in the planet. This means that the aspiring students must be taught from a humble beginning to use devices like the IPhone to process information and attend to the patient. As a result the higher institutions of learning for medical student have to adapt to the new ways of teaching to incorporate the modern technology. This will help the young professionals to be fully equipped in the medical field. This means that the curriculum will be adapted to help the young student acclimatize with the medical mobile applications which they will use to expertize in their specialization. Additionally, the doctors and the medical students will no ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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