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Sasley, B.E. (2011). Theorizing states’ emotions. International Studies Review, 13, 452-476. The aim of this research has been to elaborate further on the past literature over the constructive role of emotions for finding the possibility of theorising the emotions of states on the wider global scale…
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Research methods for Political science
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Download file to see previous pages It is argued that traits of qualitative methods such as analysis of the opinion and behaviour of the stakeholders are the best and genuine method to derive conclusions. Anthropologists and sociologists view theory and method as the same. Procedures may be different but qualitatively, both are inseparable (Obermeyer, 1997). A thorough reading of the article forms the opinion that Sasley has not been successful in tracing a theory out of the states’ emotions in the sense that theorising is different from method although Sasley has made use of qualitative methods of research comprehensively in proving his claim to theorising of states’ emotions. Sasley has used the tool of literature review too extensively from the available research. Sasley has dwelt too much on quoting examples of Israel and Palestinian state while describing their religious and political ideologies impacting the emotions of these states in IR. Sasley should have taken a wider approach by researching similar issues in far-off lands in Asia and other regions. Empirical data is used very rarely by quoting Ben Meir and Bagno-Moldavsky over Jews-Israelis and Palestinians. He could have used various other countries as stakeholders other than Egypt for explaining emotions of its people for Israelis (p. 466). Sasley has used only popular examples of the current President of America, Barak Obama’s dealing with the situation in the region in relation to Ex-President George Bush, for delineating how change in leadership affects emotions, as state leaders are the legal spokespersons of their populations. It becomes an easy way to prove what Sasley wants to. Had he taken some less popular leading political examples, such as Pakistan’s political leadership, things would have been difficult to prove over the emotion quotient (p. 469). Had the example of Pakistan been used over how emotions play a least possible role in impacting the foreign policy of a country like Pakistan, it would have lessened the impact of emotions on a country’s relations with neighbouring as well as friend and enemy states. It would have falsified the notion that a country like America takes political decisions on the emotional ground. Nothing can be more unrealistic than this. Emotions come out only when patriotically aroused as in the aftermath of 9/11 the political leadership and the masses of America became united in impressing the foreign policy over Afghanistan and Iraq because of patriotic emotions only. Sasley has offered an explanatory view of various observations, focusing more on categories’ analysis than case discussions. Had he taken two-three contrasting case studies on the topic, his claims to theorising states’ emotions could not have stood steadfast. The researcher has stayed away from making principles from the analysis. Extensive use of comparison and contrast of the discussed content is made later. Only selective examples have been made taken to prove the possibility of a method or theory (Flick, 2009). Saying that emotions play a leading role in international relations is far from truth, as emotions do not matter at all in global relations. Sasley offers two global examples of group reactions to prove that whether monarchies or democracies, peoples and governments react as if they are an entity. The first example is related to the collective reaction of Muslim community ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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