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The writer of the paper "Stress As An Organizational Crisis" analyzes the stress as an organizational crisis that entails immediate action. The paper also gives information about the importance of managing stress and its relative consequence to the workplace and the society…
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Stress As An Organizational Crisis
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Download file to see previous pages In the case of an individual, health afflictions have been the major cause of absences in the workplace (Williams 21). To be specific, in the United States, roughly 54% of sickness absences have been attributed to stress which is almost paramount to the situation in Europe, as the numbers were held to be at 28% (Kompier 1). For this reason, a microcosmic predicament is invariably translated into a larger scale through the corporate entity. For this reason, stress should be treated not as an idiosyncratic and detached issue at a personal level, but as an organizational crisis that entails immediate action. But then again, what is this stress and how come it has been attributed as a major cause of concern of business enterprises? The fact is that a wide variety of research works have already been done regarding stress and its key causes, however, there have been almost inexistent works illustrating how to lessen or completely eradicate this problem (Kompier 1). This research paper will provide the readers with an impression as to how pervasive this issue is and how to go about its resolution. However, in order to have a full grasp of the importance of managing stress and its relative consequence to the workplace and the society, it is vital that key terms must first be delineated. To this end, the coping mechanism of an individual must first be elucidated. As a psychological concept, ‘coping’ pertains to the ability of a person to keep his life well within his abstraction of a proper life defined by his own perceived and expected level of satisfaction (Snyder 4). In some instances, ‘coping’ is seen as an arduous exertion of effort to deal with factors – called stressors, that are way beyond the usual levels of human operations in order to cut down the ill effects of those same factors (Snyder 4). As a result, the term ‘coping’ refers to the ability of an individual to deal with internal or external dynamics that threaten the individual rationale. That is, should the individual not be able to deal or have difficulty dealing with the ‘stressors,’ then the individual is termed as “experiencing stress.” Stress then is defined as the body’s natural inclination and normal function to adapt to a change in the environment (Johnson 15). This adaptation usually requires a physical, mental or emotional modification or response. Stress is said to connote the consequence of a person’s inability to deal with the stressors and as such, his mental, emotional or physical demands. As such, stress then is to be taken as the individual’s failure to adapt to environmental changes and stimuli. Stress, in the medical field, is equivalent to the releasing of stress hormones, cortisol, and adrenaline (McCabe 23). This episode is said to be similar to the response displayed by an individual during a threatening or hostile situation. That is, stress, in terms of evoking responses is said to be analogous to the biological defensive response exhibited by the human body. This is considered then as the natural inclination of living organisms or creatures. As a result, the condition existent in a person’s environment dictates his physiological and psychological responses and manifestations. These overt responses are referred to as somatic and visceral responses that are displayed when pitted against an event that demands to be dealt with. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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