Organizational Assessment of Human Impact Preparedness for Organizational Crisis - Essay Example

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The picture presented here is that no one else has developed the kind of training program you propose. I doubt that. I recommend you expand/deepen your research to determine with certainty the current state of training programs on this topic.
Perhaps scaling it back to the…
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Organizational Assessment of Human Impact Preparedness for Organizational Crisis
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Download file to see previous pages History can be attributed to the acknowledgement of a fact that disasters and crises occur and the people possess a robust potential in neutralizing and overcoming them. The hazards and disasters be it natural or within an organizational structure by technical factors requires overcoming the situation as people’s lives are associated with it and human resource can be regarded as indispensible assets in the smooth functioning of the organizations in the society. The world has seen the tragic events of Bhopal gas tragedy and that of the Exxon Valdez oil spill which took away the lives of a large number of people and also represents the lack of proper emergency planning. The mutual cooperation among the organizations can be regarded as basic criteria for overcoming the aftermath of the disasters. The relationships should be developed on an ad-hoc basis through synchronized planning. There is a common prevalent proverb that, “When you hear the thunder, it’s too late to build an ark” (Emergency Planning, 2005, p.8). The statement leads us to the formation of a notion that we should be always prepared for countering disaster and crisis situation. Possessing a formal and well formulated emergency plan will be directing towards the provision of several reactions from the side of an organization which will lead to the establishment of recovery and eliminating adversities. The emergency systems will have to inculcate with developed training components which will lead to the minimization in the loss of life, injury and that of property loses. The emergency systems possess the capacity of generating disruption defenses which helps an organization to adhere to its mission of optimally serving its clients within real time. The requirement of emergency planning is immense in that the planners involved in them will be guided by some basics for the proper execution. At the core, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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