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Crisis Management Plan - Term Paper Example

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Name: Course: Course Instructor Date: Crisis Management Plan • How communication dynamics may differ in times of crisis In a health care set up, the time of crisis is certainly, not a time that all things can be made to continue in the exact way they used to be before (Williams and Cooper, 2002).)…
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Crisis Management Plan
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Extract of sample "Crisis Management Plan"

Crisis Management Plan • How communication dynamics may differ in times of crisis In a health care set up, the time of crisis is certainly, not a time that all things can be made to continue in the exact way they used to be before (Williams and Cooper, 2002).). Some of the major changes that are likely to take place include changes in the communication dynamics that exists in the work place. Such changes in communication dynamics are generally necessary as a way of ensuring that there is effectiveness in the communication process and that the communication that is put across addresses the needed challenge. One of the first changes that would usually take place in the communication dynamics has to do with changes in communicators. Times of crisis are thought to be highly sensitive times, at which time several nerves go up and thus deserve to be calmed down. In contemporary management, people involved in crisis and others who are concerned about the crisis have a lot of hope in top hierarchy messages and as such, there should be changes in the communicators. It is advised that“a small team of senior executives should be identified to serve as your organization's Crisis Communications Team.” (Bernstein, 2012). Secondly, it is expected that the impulse of messages that are communicated will take a new dynamic whereby they will seek to target affected stakeholders and offer high level of hope to them. This is particularly necessary as crisis comes with a lot of stress and fear. Words of solace therefore remain a very cetral aspect of the communication that will take place. Finally, there will be a change in communication pattern whereby the communication will be solution based rather than cause based. Clearly, the time of crisis is not the right time to play blame game and so immediate solution should be inherent in the communication. • Three ways to reduce stress during a crisis Increase in stress will certainly accompany all cases of crisis. As part of a stress reduction plan, it is recommended that the following strategies be implemented: First, it is important to stabilize the minds of all people involved in the stress. In this direction, a number of events and activities are suggested. Sleep should be a paramount means of ensuring that the minds of people are stabilized. As much as possible, physiological, psychological and medical conditions that will ensure that people sleep should be enacted. Where applicable, affected persons should be made to be involved in minor exercises, also as a means of stabilizing their state of mind (Turton, 2006). Even more, very good and healthy meals could be given to affected people to stabilize their minds and subsequently their stress. The second intervention should involve a socialized approach whereby affected people will be made to draw a lot of solace, hope and faith from family and friends. Socialization has been identified as a very effective way of ensuring that people who are involved in crisis take their attention from the crisis and unto other profitable thoughts. This is the single reason why socialization with family and friends is highly recommended as a means of reducing stress among people who are in crisis. Finally, there should be a guarantee of standby assistance and help. Without an iota of doubt, people who are in critical conditions of stress resulting from crisis would only be convinced that all shall be well and that there is no need worrying any further if they can see the physical presence of help (Streeten, 2005). It is for this reason that prompt assistance squad ought to be provided.The prompt assistance squad should be well equipped with logistics and resources so that there will not be the impression that they have been put in place only as a formality. Fig: Stress Reduction Model • Three ways to resolve potential communication challenges Major challenges in communication are likely to arise in the face of any crisis situation. At the very initial stages of thesechallenges, they may not be seen as major factors for breaking the organizational system but once the challenges are not resolved, chances are that they are going to degenerate into very devastating distress. There are therefore going to be a number of ways that such communication challenges are going to be addressed. First, it is important to have a capability analysis conducted. This capability analysis should focus on the communication team and ensure that each member of the team has all it takes to handle crisis communication effectively. In the case lapses, the best action to take is to find replacement or undertake immediate capability upgrading (Turton, 2006). Secondly, the definition of an ideal response sequence will be necessary to resolve potential communication challenges. Such a response sequence will basically determine what is to be done by which member of the team, at what time. This will ensure that the practice whereby conflicting communiques are carried about the same issue is avoided. Finally, it is important to stick to the good old adage that we do not change a winning team. By this, an advocacy is being made for the need to ensure that communication challenges are resolved by using a set of team players who have had long standing credibility of succeeding the in the communication task. REFERENCE LIST Bernstein J, (20120. The 10 Steps of CrisisCommunications. Accessed August 20, 2012 from Streeten, R.G. An evaluation of a Stress Management Program. 1995,Unpublished manuscript. Medical University of Southern Africa. Turton, R.W. (2006).Stressful Life Events and Illness Among Urban Blacks. Unpublished MA dissertation, University of the Witwatersrand. Williams, S. and Cooper, C.L. (2002). Managing workplace stress: a best practice blueprint. Chichester.Wiley. Read More
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