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Urban Seismic Risk and its management: The Sichuan Provence 2008 - 2013 - Essay Example

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The Earthquakes measured 7.9 and 6.6 on the Richter scale respectively; the 2008 event had a disaster zone of 440,000km2 (Chen, 2009)causing…
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Urban Seismic Risk and its management: The Sichuan Provence 2008 - 2013
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Extract of sample "Urban Seismic Risk and its management: The Sichuan Provence 2008 - 2013"

Download file to see previous pages We will be examining the government’s approach to urban construction; how they protect their urban areas from seismic shocks and the extent to which they go to protect their cities, using the comparison of rural areas where planning and seismic withstanding buildings are ignored and forgotten. This report will also consider the controversies related to these government plans and government culture, such as Geng Qing-Guo’s ignored prediction of the 2008Wenchuan Earthquake and the art and activist work of Ai Weiwei. AQAL framework will be used to help us demonstrate and consider all perspectives.
Our title proposal ensures that the grounds of the module and conference subject matter are covered by focusing on deciphering the future through the topic of earthquake management. We will be exploring geographical imagination through highlighting the way in which people, whether geographers or non-geographers, envisage and understand the Sichuan province and the spaces and environments around them, as well as also headlining the consequences of so doing.
We aim to underline Geography’s role in imagining how Urban Seismic Risk has emerged within densely populated areas, such as Beijing,and will continue to develop using reports of two earthquakes in this same location to accumulate justifications and perceptions of these types of building and the differentiation of features in the area. These issues will be highlighted by key controversial figures such as GengQingguo and Ai Weiwei and their roles within the urban seismic risk of the Sichuan area.
With allegations of corruption and official wrongdoing being surfaced about the five-year-long reconstruction efforts of the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake, we aim to look into various effects of this, to include the jail sentence and house arrest of Ai Weiwei, with reference to his art and its underlying meanings and the ignorance of the Chinese government to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Urban Seismic Risk and Its Management: The Sichuan Provence 2008 - Essay)
Urban Seismic Risk and Its Management: The Sichuan Provence 2008 - Essay.
“Urban Seismic Risk and Its Management: The Sichuan Provence 2008 - Essay”, n.d.
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