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Earthquakes - Research Paper Example

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Earthquakes Author’s name Institutional Affiliation Abstract Earthquakes are natural disasters that cause high destruction based on their strength and distance they affect once they occur. They are earth tremors that result from the shifting and shaking of the rocks beneath the earth’s surface, releasing energy that has been build up over long periods…
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Download file to see previous pages As a result, pressure is build up where the plates collide or bend, and the rocks develop cracks or faults that allow them to release the buildup energy, because of the strain. Earthquakes can hence occur at the boundaries or even in middle of the plates, based on where the strain is build up. The paper also gives latest discoveries and unanswered question on how to tell the timing of an earthquake. Keywords: Collide, Earthquakes, Strain, Energy, Boundaries, Magnitude, Seismologists, Seismograph, Faults, Tectonic Plates Introduction Earthquakes are natural disasters that have devastating effects on the environment. They often go unnoticed, and only those with a magnitude capable of being detected are reported or felt on the earth’s surface. According to FEMA, earthquakes are sudden earth shakes or tremors that result from the shifting and breaking of subterranean rocks, as they release accumulated strain build up for a long period (n.d.). It results in immediate effects and the secondary ones caused by the tremors. Major earthquakes are known to have occurred in Alaska, China, and Japan, but more severe cases are also common along the pacific’s known ring of fire towards the west and south coasts of USA. Millions of lives have been lost, damages worth billions of investment, and aftermath displacement of populations have been recorded over history. Geological Features of Earthquakes To understand the concept of earthquake development, one needs to go back to the study of the earth’s content. The structure of the earth can be categorized into four major components, the inner core (solid part made up of nickel and iron), the outer core (molten nickel and iron), the mantle (third layer from the inside and made up of molten rocks), and the outermost earth’s crust, which has the lightest components of all. The crust is known to host a lot of human welfares and is made up of different types of rocks depending on their origin. The thin layer of crust and the top of the mantle make most of the earth’s surface. However, they appear as one entity, despite being made up of many entities or pieces to cover the earth surface. These pieces move around and along each other making the earth’s surface to be in a continuous slow motion. The number of pieces and their movement give the impression of pieces in a puzzle. The pieces are the tectonic plates and float on the molten rocks of the mantle. The tectonic plate theory: The entire earth is covered by Lithosphere that comprise of the continental and oceanic plates that are in constant motion. They slide over the uppermost layer of the mantle (plastic aesthenosphere), and end up causing a geological process where they interact, which explains the concept of continental drift and sea floor spreading. The tectonic plates create movements under, over, past, and away, rubbing each other along their boundaries, whose effects are plates interlocking, stretching or bending where they fail to release the accumulated energy (Coppola, 2011). The boundaries of the plates are rough edges and made up of many faults from which the earthquakes initiate. When the plates collide, some of the rough boundaries interlock; the intense pressure may cause the rocks to heat up and bend to create hilly areas, or spontaneous break to form ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Earthquakes Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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Comparison between Chile- Haiti Earthquakes
This implies that even though earthquakes are natural occurrences and cannot be prevented; there are still ways through which they can either be deviated. It is also important for the government officials from countries which are risk experiencing this natural occurrence to come up with measures that will ensure security among its citizens.
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Japan Earthquakes' Effect on Japan's Environemnt
Many regions of Japan have experienced serious earthquakes and tidal waves. The worst earthquake in Japan’s history is the Great Kanto Earthquake, which struck Kanto Plain near Tokyo in 1923. In this earthquake, over 100, 000 people lost their lives.
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Volcanoes and Earthquakes
The author states that there are many similarities between the two natural phenomena that occur. The both cause widespread destruction if they occur in populated regions; both can be trigger each other. However, their occurrence relationship is not very strong and cannot be used as a predictor for their activity.
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Earthquakes on the Chamman and Chiltan Fault Lines in Quetta Pakistan Specifically in 1935
Earthquakes on the Chamman and Chiltan Fault Lines in Quetta Pakistan Specifically in 1935 ‎ The twentieth century has bought a series of deformations that are earthquake related and lie in the western region of British India, now Baluchistan in Pakistan.
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Effects of earthquakes on people and properties
Magnitude of the earthquake depends on the type and place. Geological and societal factors also impact the people and properties. Secondary effects are more severe than direct effects of the earthquakes on people and properties. The shaking of earth that we call a
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An Analytical Study of the Earthquakes as a Natural Disaster

The paper uses a practical approach to examine earthquakes by evaluating five specific cases. These cases include major events in the 1755 Lisbon Earthquake, the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, the 1964 Alaska Earthquake, the 1960 Chilean Earthquake and the 2004 Sumatra Earthquake.

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The strong earthquakes happened in Sichuan province, how it influence local people
Geologically, it has been shown that the province has had eleven earthquake of magnitude above seven. There has been also eight earthquakes with magnitude range of 6 to 6.9. The most current earthquakes in Sichuan Province are the
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The changes in the world landscape caused by tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes
These hazards occur on the earth surface. Earthquake is referred to as vibration on the earth’s surface (National Atlas, 2013). The other hazard is Tsunami. This is an intensive and large wave triggered by the sudden movement of a large area of the sea floor
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Earthquakes in the Xi Chuan Province
Earthquakes in the Xi Chuan Province: An Analysis of a Disaster’s Representation Through Video, Print, and the Web and How these Affect Disaster Management Activities as Well as the Perception of the Calamity Within and Outside the Affected Region. The Xi Chuan basin is classified as a high seismic area because the region is located right where the Himalaya mountain belt and the Eurasian plate collide (Li and Chen 1003).
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Research paper about the Earthquakes Information, time scale, plate tectonic, slope stability, all kinds of it, statistics, num
It focuses on the phenomenon of earthquakes and identifies the main components of earthquakes. In the past, earthquakes have caused severe and considerable damage to properties lives and communities around the globe. This paper therefore analyzes the scope and effects of these natural events and identifies the main elements of it.
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