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Plate tectonics (earthquakes and volcanoes) - Essay Example

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Plate tectonics refers to the theory that earth’s outer layer comprising of plates, which have moved throughout the earth’s background information. The theory reveals on the knowhow behind mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes in ancient times as well as currently. It tells…
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Plate tectonics (earthquakes and volcanoes)
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"Plate tectonics (earthquakes and volcanoes)"

Download file to see previous pages In that case oceans filled the areas between the created new sub-continents. Also, the land mass moves apart continuously as it rides on its plate till it reached a place that resides now. The said continents are still on the move to currently. The occurrence of plate tectonics has not been known exactly what drives despite the existence of theories. From one of the theory, it mentions that the convection that exist within the earth’s mantle pushes the plate in much similar way as air heated by our bodies as it rises upward and gets deflected sideways once it reaches the ceiling. From another theory, it associates gravity with the pulling of the older, colder and the heavier ocean floor forces than that newer and lighter seafloor. Plate tectonics activity occurs at four types of boundaries. They include the divergent boundaries where new crust is created, convergent boundaries have its crust consumed, collision boundaries have its land masses colliding whereas the transform boundaries has its later sliding against each other (Conrad &Lithgow 13).
Plate tectonics occurred from the theory that was first initiated in the early 20th century by a meteorologist named Alfred Wegener. In the year 1912, Wegener identified that the coastlines of both the east coast of South America and west coast of Africa were in a position to fit together like the common jigsaw puzzle. From further examination of the globe, it revealed that all of the earth continents fitted together in a way. At that instance, Wegener suggested that all continents in one time connected in single supercontinents called Pangaea. The researcher believed that the continents gradually drifted apart around 300 million years ago. In 1929 Arthur Holmes, who was a British geologist came up with the theory of thermal convection that explained the movement of the earth’s continent (Conrad &Lithgow ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Natural Catastrophes Caused by Plate Tectonics
The theory states that “the continents had once been joined, and over time had drifted apart in a giant supercontinent called Pangaea.” (Sant, 2010; “Tectonic Plates,” 2011) One of the proofs of the theory is the jigsaw fit that the continents make with those adjacent to it.
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It was not until the 1960s that scientists were able to explain the mechanism, finally answering Wegener's problem, which was that solid continental and oceanic plates floated on a molten rock bed. This became known as Plate Tectonic Theory and has become widely accepted by geologists.
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Iceland a divergent plate boundary Maps of Iceland Map of Iceland showing the Mid-Atlantic Ridge Introduction A divergent plate boundary is a place where two tectonic plates move away from each other leaving behind a gap. This action results in deep rifts allowing magma to rise from the top most mantles and seek to cover the rift (Vander, 1992 et al.).
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Why Do Earthquakes Occur Near Tectonic Plate Boundaries
Driven by convection currents in the earth's mantle, the plates collide resulting in the formation of mountains and earthquakes. In the 1960s, modern science accepted the theory of plate tectonics to explain earthquake activity along fault lines. Figure 1 (US Geological Survey) plumes of magma at the point of collision.
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vidently, over this period, many scientists have focused on explaining how the movement of plates has given rise to many of the geographical features. The paper shall discuss the history of tectonic plate theory, and discuss three geologic features. The three features under
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Plate tectonics- The earth is layered. These layers interact differently. Plate tectonics has shaped the land of the earth. This can be tested by various experiments
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The knowledge of plate tectonics has assisted people to plan for natural disasters (Rafferty, John p. 15). Plate tectonic events cause natural disasters. Earth scientists reduce the effects of a natural disaster by relaying life-saving information. Good
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