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Was the level of preparedness during the Sichuan earthquake satisfactory? And would the situation be different if the predictions were given…
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Si chuan earthquake
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Si Chuan Earthquake What is your research question? The level of preparedness for a country or state for an impending disaster can help minimize casualty and damage to property. Was the level of preparedness during the Sichuan earthquake satisfactory? And would the situation be different if the predictions were given attention?
2) What answer can you give to your question thus far?
My preliminary analysis shows that the level of preparedness witnessed during the chuan earthquake was not satisfactory. This was mainly because the government ignored most of the predictions of an impending earthquake.
3) Specifically identify at least three pieces of empirical evidence
A journal article titled, Study on Urban Management Information System, reveals that most of the local governments in China lacked the Decision Support System for daily management; thus, even during emergency situation, they did not have this crucial tool. (Liu & Ren, 2009).
This evidence supports my argument because it shows that there was no preparedness to handle emergency situations such as earthquake. Decision Support System is a crucial tool in handling management and emergency issues; hence, it should not lack in local government because earthquake is prone in rural areas (Liu et al, 2006).
An article on the China Earthquake Geospatial Research Portal suggests that it was possible to predict the magnitude, and in addition, former researcher, Geng Qingguo of Institute of Geophysics claims that he handed a confidential written report about his prediction of the earthquake to the State Seismological Bureau (Pekevski & Mavrodiev, 2008).
This article is essential in providing evidence because it reveals that the necessary agencies were warned of the impending earthquake disaster, but they failed to take necessary actions. Thus, they also failed to establish adequate preparedness to minimize loss of lives and property destruction.
Finally, a two year UNICEF report dated May 2010 also indicates that much could have been done to create preparedness, for example, aligning emergency response initiatives or programs with upstream policy programs (UNICEF, 2010).
This report reveals that there were no policies in place to deal with such emergencies, for instance, enhancing intervention in emergency situations require coordination of emergency programs with policy initiatives, which were lacking in this case.
4) What other evidence might you still need to get? Explain your plans for getting it by week 10.
I will still need to get evidence on statistical data regarding the degree of loss of lives and connect it with poor preparedness. I will also need to get evidence on what the government authorities say about the predictions and their level of preparedness. These I will get from the Chinese government department’s data base responsible for such disasters. I will also get evidence from press releases on this issue.
5) What concepts will you use from the course and how will you use them to help answer your question?
The concepts that I will from the course include statistical evaluation and critical analysis of evidence.
6) What can you NOT answer in the scope of this paper that relates to your question?
What I cannot answer is what the data of those who perished and injured during the earthquake would be if the government had proper preparedness measures in place.
7) What are the broader implications of this research (or, what might they be if you were to extend this research further)?
This research concerns not only the Chinese government, but all other governments especially places vulnerable to natural disasters such earthquakes and hurricanes. It aims to urge these governments through their respective departments to develop emergency response initiatives for such disasters in order to minimize loss of lives (McCurry, 2011).
Liu, H., Li, L., & Luo, S. (2006). The Study of the City Emergency Management. Computer Knowledge and Technology.
Liu, S., & Ren, Y. (2009). (2009). Study on Urban Emergency Management Information System. China public security, academy edition, 44-58.
McCurry, J. (2011, March 11). Japans earthquake preparation has spared it from a far worse fate. The Guardian.
Pekevski, L., & Mavrodiev, S. C. (2008, September 12). The time of China, Sichuan, Wenchun magnitude 7.9 earthquake could be predicted. Retrieved from China Earthquake Geospatial Research Portal:
UNICEF. (2010). Si Chuan Eathquake: Two Year Report. UNICEF. Read More
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