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The people's response to the typhoon tip - Essay Example

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Exemplified by the typhoon tip which hit Japan in October 19, 1997 and killed over 86 people as well as injuring over hundred, this cyclone can be dangerous with impacts on the human, economy…
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The peoples response to the typhoon tip
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Extract of sample "The people's response to the typhoon tip"

The peoples response to the typhoon tip Typhoon tip is the most intense tropical cyclone ever seenin the world (Allaby 15). Exemplified by the typhoon tip which hit Japan in October 19, 1997 and killed over 86 people as well as injuring over hundred, this cyclone can be dangerous with impacts on the human, economy and environment (Hurricanes 1-2). Flooding due to Typhoon tip made people to respond by reinforcing a flood retaining wall situated at camp Fuji to prevent such flooding in future.
Supertyphoon tip is known to have killed approximately 100 people while the Haiyan typhoon killed over 6000 people (Geological Hazards 1-2). Supertyphoon caused a massive rainfall which resulted in enormous rainfall which caused over 700 mudslides and floods over the Japan Mountains (Emanuel 267). It broke rivers resulting in destruction of close to 30 bridges and demolition of over 100 dykes (Hurricanes 10). The floods reached over 20000 homesteads and displaced over 10000 people. Ships sunk to ground intensifying the number of deaths reported due to the cyclone (Allaby 15). The high pressure winds of the Tip knocked gasoline tank in a nearby US Marine Corps camp and caused fire which resulted in deaths and injuries (Emanuel 267). International organization brought humanitarian intervention to assisted Japan to restore its status after the tip.
Economic impacts of a typhoon tip exemplified by that which hit Japan can be estimated as several million dollars agricultural damages and fishing industry losses. The high pressure winds from the Tip knocked down High-rise buildings in Tokyo (Emanuel 267). It also disrupts transportation either by mudflow which covers pathways, or destruction of bridges by broken rivers and general destruction of roads.
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