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The Devils Bermuda Triangle - Essay Example

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The paper “The Devil’s Bermuda Triangle” examines Bermuda’s Triangle also known as the Devil’s Triangle, which is located in the North Atlantic Ocean and Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico form the boundaries of this imaginary area of the triangle in the ocean…
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The Devils Bermuda Triangle
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Extract of sample "The Devils Bermuda Triangle"

The Devils Bermuda Triangle
The world encompasses thousands of mysteries and secrets within itself, some of them have been discovered while many still remain hidden from the human eye. These mysteries mesmerize the human mind and his curious nature is always in the struggle to decipher them. In spite of the high standards of advancements made in the areas of science and technology, these mysteries in various corners of the world still are a source of questioning and curiosity for the humans. The Mother Nature exhibits these surprises and mysteries in the form of strange people with their unique cultural and traditional habits, astounding flora and fauna and some incredible locations. The Bermuda Triangle is one of these locations of the world that has been a source of curiosity and attraction for thousands because of a course of inconceivable events linked to it.
Bermuda’s Triangle also known as the Devil’s Triangle is located in the North Atlantic Ocean and Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico form the boundaries of this imaginary area of triangle in the ocean. This particular area of the ocean gained the world’s attention when five Navy planes known as Flight 19 disappeared fifty-eight years ago into the ocean mysteriously. Neither the crew members nor the remains of the planes were found in the ocean which has not been explained logically up till now. The disappearance of the crew members and the aircraft leftovers in 1945 was the event that made this area highly controversial and many theories and explanations have been put forward to this day.
Apart from Flight 19, which was the most conspicuous event, many other ships, aircrafts and yachts have mysteriously vanished along with the on board travelers which add up to the puzzling nature of this place. Many explanations have been put forward to explain the rationale behind this inconceivable string of incidents occurring in the Bermuda Triangle. Some label these incidents to be caused by the supernatural forces or extraterrestrial forces which lead to the disappearance of anything that enters into the boundaries of the Devil’s Triangle. On the other hand, others explain these occurrences in the light of scientific knowledge by blaming the ocean weather, violent waves or human errors.
Irrespective of the actual reasoning behind the string of events taking place in the Bermuda Triangle, it has established an aura of fear and curiosity. The mysteriousness of this particular area of the ocean has grabbed the attention of the writers, movie makers and music artists as well. Many writers have published articles and researches on the unraveled history of Bermuda Triangle. Film-makers have exhibited the Bermuda Triangle in their movies as a fearful and horrifying place on earth.
Bermuda Triangle has emerged as a legend irrespective of the theories and explanations associated with it. It is a source of tourist attraction and scientists’ interest because of its fateful history. Whether an individual relates to Bermuda Triangle through aliens, ghosts, extraterrestrial creatures and paranormal activity or thinks of it as a scientific masterpiece with its powerful waves and aggressive climate conditions, it accomplishes to awe-struck the human beings up till today. Read More
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