We Dont Choose a Life, We Live It - Essay Example

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We Don’t Choose a Life, We Live It.
We all agree on the fact that we cannot take the life we live, or at least I intend to demonstrate that. But how we live the life that we find ourselves in is what differs greatly among us humans…
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We Dont Choose a Life, We Live It
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Download file to see previous pages In fact, by living our life, we get to make decisions; decisions that shape and change our lives in ways we never knew existed, while at the same time we get to know and embrace our strengths, weaknesses and differences. Whether we believe that the life we have comes from God or we evolved and Mother Nature decides where we land, one thing is for sure, that none of us has control of that life, we only get to live it. We will also agree that no one has a map of how to live this life; it is like a giant complicated maze that we are all trying to break out from. In real life, it is like everybody is a tourist, we either are trying to arrive at a different place in our life we have never been or just looking for new experience. How however we go about accomplishing our new destinations and creating memories, is what separates us; it is part of what makes us different in the end. There are two classes of persons in life, those that follow the rules and get through life how they are told to and there are those individuals that like taking risks, trying out things that others are not willing to. Tourists when visiting new places, they have guides who show them where to go and narrates everything they think is important for them to know. But if that is the best way to get through life is another issue that needs debating. Again at the same, also drifting from the group mentality and visiting places on your own and experiencing life and new situations differently is another debatable way to get through life. As a tourist myself, I am of the view that always following what the guide says and being content with it is not the best way to experience new places. For one to get the full experience of a place, they need to meet the locals, talk to them. Let them give you an account of how they live. What makes them different and behave in a certain manner thus that is the only way to travel and get a true tourist who not only takes photographs and memories, but also experiences. This is exactly at the end of the day, shapes our lives, the way we think and interact with one another. It is true that the universe is full of different sceneries different from where we live, that is a fact. It is also true that these places have different people living in them from us. Just visiting the place and getting the history from it is not as important as meeting the people who live there. The world is developing so is the technology, this sis seen today where we have cyber space in place. Places where virtually people can visit new places and act as if they are touring real places. To imagine you can achieve all this right from the comfort of your home is what makes it even more exciting. As much as this is an important step in technological development, in my view, it curtails the ability for individuals to shape how they see the world and how other people think. Although it is a very exciting idea, it cannot compare to the real life changing experience derived from one on one dialogue with locals from different regions of the globe. People become involved in tourism for many reasons, it can be leisure, which can be substituted by cyber space virtual tourism, and it could also be for business purposes. But one thing stands out, that an effect is produced, either on the locals visited or the economy of the host nation. Recently, there are issues which have come up in the tourism sector. One of them is sustainable tourism which involves management of all resources in such a manner that we preserve cultural integrity for instance while in pursuit of economic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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