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We dont choose a life, we live one. Discuss this statement in the context of tourism and yourself as a tourist - Essay Example

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The drive and motivation which inspires one to choose a specific place are different from person to person because just like all other choices in life, one…
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We dont choose a life, we live one. Discuss this statement in the context of tourism and yourself as a tourist
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Extract of sample "We dont choose a life, we live one. Discuss this statement in the context of tourism and yourself as a tourist"

Download file to see previous pages As such, it is important to reveal the reasons which contribute to one choosing certain destinations while discriminating others, which in the context of tourism are understood as the place and space factors. To elaborate on this, the following text will evaluate two popular tourist destinations, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore and using the place-space factors distinguish between which of the two would be more suitable as a tourist destination.
One of the crucial determining factors for a whether a destination will attract large numbers of tourists is the environment and natural resources available. These include the landscape and climate of a place. As is the obvious, tourism is all about changing the norms of daily life and escaping from the hustles of everyday. As such, people will prefer to travel to distant away places which have a climate or appearance totally different from theirs. This is to say that if one is accustomed to living in the western chilly countries and they wanted to relax, the most suitable place for them to find their calm or change of atmosphere would be finding warm or sunny destinations. On the other hand, people accustomed to the hot climates would opt for chilly mountainous destinations such as those which have snow-capped mountains or experience snowy weather.
The other determining factor which many may consider is the condition of the built environment. The built environment here refers to everything created by the hands of people. Apart from just visiting interesting destinations, tourists require amongst other things the ease of travelling, the comfort of living, security, shopping bases, and entertainment areas to mention but a few. In fact, these facilities can themselves become tourist attractions when they offer mega supplies of rare items and services. The best example is the festivals of visual and performing arts hosted by mostly the Asian ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(We Dont Choose a Life, We Live One. Discuss This Statement in the Essay)
We Dont Choose a Life, We Live One. Discuss This Statement in the Essay.
“We Dont Choose a Life, We Live One. Discuss This Statement in the Essay”, n.d.
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