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Introduction Different approaches to research are used in creating the necessary reviews and responses for a variety of needs. The methodological approaches used in tourism journal articles account for the differences and alterations which are made with the approaches to tourism…
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Research philosophies and principles
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Download file to see previous pages For tourism research, this becomes important as it alters the data and conclusions which are drawn with the tourist research and the ideologies and philosophies which are approached from this. The result is a variety of different results that create diversity of thought in how tourism is approached. Genres of Heritage Authenticity The first article described is based on the evaluation of authenticity on heritage environments. The heritage environments are known to shift because of the exceptional, referential and influential components which are associated with this. The sociological relationship to the sites is what partly determines the authenticity of the site as opposed to it being a space which holds multiple meanings. The epistemological approach used with this particular study included a set of definitions and philosophies from past researchers. This included the defining of ethnicity, cultural attributes and the meaning behind the heritage sites and what this was inclusive of. This is combined with the artifacts that are in the region, including cultural activities and the different elements that define the authenticity of a specific site. The epistemological ideologies combine with ontological approaches which are based on the definitions of a heritage site and the categorization that the author creates from the research. The theories combine with the understanding of the current study, which examines the Greek area of Mount Athos to define the different theories of heritage and how this changes with the approaches taken. The methodological views expand on this to define the genres of authenticity into different categories, specifically which relate to the needs with tourism and the influences which are created. From observation of the different heritage sites, conclusions are drawn which relate back to the theory and which divide the heritage sites by levels of authenticity (Konstantinos, 2011). Forecasting Tourist Arrivals The second methodological approach is with the article on “Forecasting Tourist Arrivals.” This study looked into how to move toward the short – term implications of future tourism demand as well as how this led to macroeconomic shocks. The philosophy was one which defined that tourist demand had a large impact on the macroeconomy and which was based on the scope, duration and magnitude of the particular implication. The epistemological basis of this particular study was based on looking at the Growth Domestic Product (GDP) and looking at the literature which focused on how the demands and arrivals dramatically affected the macroeconomy. The concepts of price competitiveness, tourism demand and the knowledge of how to indicate future arrivals were all considered with this approach. The ontological approach combined with this by looking at how the short – term predictions for tourism was directly affected by how one responded to the macroeconomy and the shifts which were made. Models were combined with this, including ARIMA, MAE and RMSE, which defined the average number of changes and predictions as a part of the tourism. The methodology looked at the consumer price indexes and consumer confidence indicators with tourism in Greece while comparing this to the macroeconomy and unemployment trends. The impulse response function combined with this to create an understanding to the tourism arrivals which was able to predict the future trends for the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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