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'In the present era of globalisation, control over the movement of people has become the last bastion of sovereignty. Nowhere - Essay Example

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Introduction Migration has always been an international phenomenon in world history, many cultures have emerged with the interaction of societies and people from different regions such as Greeks migrated to Roman Empire in search of living, many pastoral societies moved to Europe and France during medieval eras and also during globalization but such migrations never posed a risk to states’ sovereignty and integrity (SAMERS, 2010)…
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In the present era of globalisation, control over the movement of people has become the last bastion of sovereignty. Nowhere
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Extract of sample "'In the present era of globalisation, control over the movement of people has become the last bastion of sovereignty. Nowhere"

Download file to see previous pages In this third wave of globalization and post modernism where international migration is restricted against all its cultural and political norms. This expulsion of human mobility from the globalization definition leaves it as a narrow concept of expansion where it’s ethical, economic and political existence comes in conflict with sustainability. Besides all aspects of globalization, this barrier to international human mobility also comes under violation of international law where freedom to move freely is under attack. This asymmetrical nature of globalization defines the exploitation of this term being used for interests of certain groups which have been promoting free exchange of goods by liberalizing economies and diminishing barriers to free mobility of goods yet are keen to impose restrictions on migration. Barriers can be justified by the number of migrations, in all past era migration figures were way smaller than the total population but the first wave of globalization registered the massive migration of around 3%. ...
It resembles the inconsistency and incompatibility of such asymmetric policies which at one hand support growth of liberalization while on the other hand attempt to contain it. This irregularity in policies has led to many international crimes against humanities of which the most prominent in this regard is the human trafficking (POOLEY & WHYTE, 1991). This evolving humanitarian crisis and inconsistent policies demand great attention and oversight for governance and policy making which ensures human rights of migration and also maintains the ethical, political and economic values of globalization. Human migration has always been the same as people move from developing countries to developed countries whereas in the first wave of globalization, Asia, Latin America, South Asia, Africa, Caribbean and Baltic states have been the major outsourcer of labours to America, Europe, Middle East, Australia and Japan etc. (TALANI, 2010). The figures for human trafficking stands around one out of every tenth migrant who cross borders with no permission and papers. Migration statistics sufficiently proves the argument that immense migration has resulted an unprecedented growth of population to the recipient countries which now has become a threat to the sovereignty of these states particularly to their security and in general to their domestic culture, values, norms and religion. Critical analysis require information from both sides, no doubt international migration has been enormous to the developed world but there is no evidence that they have spoiled the growth of recipient country so, the ultimate result is still to be revealed. In case of Europe where domestic population if greying; in case of America baby boomers have reached to their retirement; it can be said ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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