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Transnational Africa and globalization - new African diasporas: bridging worlds - Term Paper Example

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Analytical Response Name Professor Institution Course Date Theme IV: Transnational Africa And Globalization –New African Diasporas: Bridging Worlds Transnational migration is defined as the forging and sustenance of social relationships that connect the immigrants’ home countries with their countries of settlement, and the participation of immigrants in cross-border social networks that straddle countries of origin and settlement and allow them to live dual lives (Glick, Basch and Blanc)…
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Transnational Africa and globalization - new African diasporas: bridging worlds
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Download file to see previous pages This group of people is characterized by the fact that they don’t seek settlement and incorporation into the institutions and patterns of life in the new country in which they would have settled. They, on the other hand, remain connected to their mother countries by way of building institutions and conducting transactions in these countries (Gale, 2012). They also exercise their influence on the local, national and international events of the countries in which they emigrated. On the other hand, globalization can be defined as the growth to a global or worldwide level. This term refers to the uniformity observed in many factors that transcend the borders of countries. With the human population, globalization refers to the interdependence between the people of many countries. With most of the immigration and emigration barriers from one country to the other having been watered down, people virtually move freely across borders with their movement necessitated either by business, luxury or other factors. Globalization shapes transnationalization to a great extent due to the exchange of cultural values, information and the exposure that people get by interacting with individuals from other countries and locales. The subjects of transnationalism and globalization in the context of the African continent became an area of great concern following the massive emigration of Africans to the West in the 1980s and 1990s (Gale, 2012). Most Africans benefited from government collaborations with the United States government or other Western governments in efforts to educate the black population and balance the scope of influence of this race. The collaborations also aimed to alleviate the third world countries, most of them in Africa, from poverty and high illiteracy levels. Governments had different plans in place to see to the relocation of some Africans to the West to mostly get a better education. Programs like student airlifts in Kenya and other countries saw to transformation of the African continent from a conservative one to tone that embraced, contributed to and adopted ideas from the world in general. With the education of most African scholars in this period in the West, there arose the need to further their studies since most of them used the chance to educate and generally redeem their countries from poverty. The governments in the West, particularly the United States government, supported this education of the black populace since it was in their aims to expand their scopes of influence and, Africa being just recently freed from colonial powers, was a fertile soil to plant the seeds of ideologies and futuristic strategies. It was also supported by the United States government since African scholars had no aims to fight for freedom of the black populace in the United States (Gale, 2012). The scholars instead focused on how they were to liberate their brothers and sisters from physical and ideological poverty back home. Immediately after gaining independence, most African states became the target of international organizations like the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank who had plans for the continent. Those plans could have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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