Explain the potential of Diaspora groups to contribute to the process of conflict resolution in at least TWO case studies of you - Essay Example

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[DIASPORA GROUPS AND CONFLICT RESOLUTION] (Name) (Instructor/Tutor) (Course/Subject) (Institution/ University) (City, State) (Date) Introduction There has been an increase in cases of war and conflict across the world, and resolution efforts have become the main agenda for most countries and peace promoting organisations…
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Explain the potential of Diaspora groups to contribute to the process of conflict resolution in at least TWO case studies of you
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"Explain the potential of Diaspora groups to contribute to the process of conflict resolution in at least TWO case studies of you"

Download file to see previous pages The reasons for leaving home include war, famine and seeking economic benefit. For the last twenty years, various researchers have carried out numerous studies to evaluate the ways in which Diasporas groups may impact both their home societies and host societies, but most of these studies fail to notice the potential of Diaspora groups to contribute to peace-building.2 There is a basis for reinforcing the inclusion of Diasporas groups in foreign policies and business policies to advance trade relations, however, safety for political development is a prevailing issue both in the public and expert circles.3 However, recent research has indicated that Diaspora groups can actively take part in the process of peace building and reconstruction in countries affected by conflict.4 Therefore, it should be noted that Diaspora groups have a greater potential to contribute towards the process of conflict resolution on conflicts affecting their home countries. This paper uses two case studies to analyses the capacity of Diaspora groups to play a role in the process of peace building. The two case studies are the Cyprus Conflict and the Ethiopian Conflict. In the Cyprus Conflict, analysis and evaluation of the role played by the Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots Diaspora groups in resolving conflict issues at their homeland has been done, while the role of Ethiopian Diaspora groups based in European countries and in the United States of America, in promoting a peaceful of the political crisis in their home country has been evaluated. This paper also discusses the various ways, through which the Diaspora groups from the aforementioned countries influenced the process of peace building. How Diasporas Contribute to the Process of Conflict Resolution Diasporas can contribute to conflict resolution by lobbying host land governments and international organisations, as well as aiding processes of transition to achieve political cooperation and non-violent resolution of political crises in their home country.5 Diaspora groups can also apply pressure to homeland governments and rebels to enhance non-violence conflict resolution, as well as, domestic development. For instance, Diaspora organisations, through host land governments, pressure war parties in the homeland to refrain from violence6. Instead they urge them to embrace non-violence interaction modes by discovering and drawing attention to their human rights abuses. Diaspora groups also influence the political realm in their home country by challenging their homeland government through support to the government or the opposition.7 This is done by offering funds and other forms of assistance to political parties, civil society organisations and social movements.8 Also, Diaspora groups with the right to vote can participate in the voting process, which can resolve a conflict within their homeland and promote peace building. The power of Diaspora groups to frame homeland conflict in various ways contributes to peaceful resolution of conflict. For instance, some of the activities of Diaspora groups strengthen some confrontational, homeland leaders and organisations, while other homeland leaders and organisations are undermined. This forces undermined organisations and leaders to seek compromise, and this resolves a conflict peacefully, avoiding violence.9 A prime example is that of the Ethiopian Diaspora ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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