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One of the Most Powerful Interest Groups in the US Capital Washington - Research Proposal Example

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The paper gives detailed information about several ethnic, economic, and cultural interest groups exist with a primary purpose of protecting and advancing the interests of another sovereign state even at the express cost of their own domestic country…
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One of the Most Powerful Interest Groups in the US Capital Washington
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Extract of sample "One of the Most Powerful Interest Groups in the US Capital Washington"

Download file to see previous pages The United States as the only remaining world superpower has thus immense influence on most of the global foreign policy unmatched by any other nation. Since the demise of world communism and the fall of the Berlin Wall, much of the world attention has been expended on the Middle East agenda, which mainly revolves around the toxic Israel-Palestine relations or rather Arab-Israel conflicts. In this regard, the US actions and inactions have shaped its relations with both sets of antagonists. The United States unwavering support of Israel has thus shaped its relations with the Arab countries of the Middle East leading to the US bearing the brunt of overt violent backlashes from the hard-line terrorist groups predominant in the region and other Muslim countries due to its choice of extraordinary ‘friendship’ with Israel. Mearsheimer and Walt (Pg.1) in the famous treatise The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy ascribe this unequivocal support of Israel to the pervading influence of the Israel Lobby groups within the United States and the increasing power of the often compromised US Congress often to the detriment of US own national interests. The authors outline how the initial support of a Jewish state in 1947 has persisted to shape US foreign policy towards the Middle East more importantly than the often-cited influence of crude oil production from the Arabic countries. The involvements that led to the US suffering terrorist attacks from extremist groups including the Osama Bin Laden led Al Qaeda group. The US has led invasions in Afghanistan and Iraq ostensibly to spread democracy to the region but often due to the prodding of the Israel lobby whenever they deem that Israel interests are threatened in total disregard of the detrimental consequences to US own interests. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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