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A trip to Sequoia National Park - Essay Example

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A trip to Sequoia National Park
Sequoia National Park is located east of Visalia, California in the Unites States, established in 1890, with acreage of well over 400,000 acres (Scott and Kay, 49). …
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A trip to Sequoia National Park
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Extract of sample "A trip to Sequoia National Park"

Download file to see previous pages In addition to this natural resource, Sequoia National Park comprises of many other natural features, which include the giant sequoia trees, among them being the greatest tree on earth, known as the General Sherman tree (White, 24). Additionally, the park consists of the giant forest, which occupies approximately 202, 430 of old-growth forests in conjunction with the neighboring Kings Canyon National Park. This park comprises of one of the most natural and unaltered environments, ranking it among the major national parks that have preserved the natural ecosystem without much alterations. Additionally, the geology of this national park is yet another key feature that makes it unique among the National Parks in the US with an exclusive landscape (Scott and Kay, 52). The region surrounding this area was initially occupied by the Monachee Native Americans, who did not exploit the natural resources in the major sequoia giant forest but coexisted in an eco-friendly manner. However, the arrival of the white settlers threatened to cause destruction to the forests, but only for a little while, before they discovered that the Sequoia trees were not suitable for timber (White, 22). This made them cease to cut down the trees, and the park was declared a national park in 1890, by the USA government. The logistics required to visit the park Most parts of this park are not accessible by the means of road or rail, making trekking the most viable option for accessing the park from different directions. However, the logistics involved in visiting the park entails parking the required personal effects, which will be used during the stay or the visitation period in the park. Then, the second step will be taking a flight to Visalia Airport, which is a destination that requires one to take an average 1 hour’s drive to the park (Scott and Kay, 46). On reaching Visalia Airport, there is no need to hire transport or to have own car, because there are already various means of transport from the airport into the park, which are convenient for the visitors. There are many Sequoia Shuttles, which transports visitors from the Visalia city to the National Park, passing through the Three Rivers, and then going up to the Giant Forest Museum (White, 21). The cost of this transport is affordable, since an individual requires paying only $15 as the ticket price for the shuttle ride. Before boarding the shuttle, it is important to ensure that one signs the time to and from the park, to ensure that the last shuttle will not leave an individual in the park. However, the greatest advantage, which makes this visit simpler logistically, is the fact that it is possible for one to walk back from the park, in case he/she is left by the last shuttle (Scott and Kay, 47). Once an individual arrives at the park, it is vital to go through the Lodgepole Visitor Center or the Giant Forest Museum, where more information regarding the visitation sites and ideas are given to the visitors, as well as the accommodation and hospitality options available in the parks and its immediate environs (Scott and Kay, 50). After the individual has obtained sufficient information regarding the visitation areas and ideas, they can select the location to start visiting and plan the rest of the schedule. In case the individual does not want to go back the same day, there are various accommodation facilities available within the park and even in the immediate surroundings. The accommodation facilities within the park include the Wuksachi Lodge and the he John Muir Lodge, while those outside but in the immediate ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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