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Homicide - Essay Example

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A homicide can be comprised of one or more of these motives, but it always comes back to the four Rs. The four Rs are Rape, Rage, Robbery and Random. More than one of these categories can apply to an individual murder. For example, a…
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Extract of sample "Homicide"

Download file to see previous pages The Waurika, Oklahoma police were not too concerned at first. Although Heather Rich was an honor student and cheerleader, the high school girl had been caught drinking at a football game (“A story of booze”). Since be thrown off the cheerleading squad, Heather had been running with a rough crowd. The police just thought she had run away. It would not have been the first time a good girl went bad.
The police dismissed the theory that Heather Rich was a runaway when a bullet ridden body was found just across the Oklahoma/Texas line. Even though the body was unidentifiable by looks, the Waurika police knew that they had found Heather Rich with one look at the corpse’s braces (“A story of booze”). Upon closer inspection at the autopsy, Heather Rich had been shot repeatedly with a Mossberg M-9 shotgun (“A story of booze”).
The FBI, OSBI (Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations), Waurika police, the Texas Rangers and various other local agencies from Oklahoma and Texas worked together through out the duration of this investigation. After no leads at first, a sheriff got a break with the Mossberg M-9. A local senior, Josh Bagwell, had charged .00 shells for a Mossberg M-9 before Heather Rich turned up missing (“A story of booze”). Josh Bagwell’s friend, Curtis Gambill, owned a Mossberg M-9 (“A story of booze”). Josh Bagwell and Curtis Gambill had another friend Randy Lee Woods. Randy Lee Woods, the Waurika quarterback, was Heather Rich’s ex-boyfriend. The three boys would hang out, hunt and drink on weekends. Randy Woods had been question before in the investigation. He had provided the officers with nothing more than an uneasy feeling that the homecoming king was not being totally truthful.
Josh Bagwell’s grandparents own a large amount of land in Southern Oklahoma. He came from a rich and privileged background. Curtis Gambill had problems as a child, even spending sometime in juvenile hall. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...of concentrating much on juvenile aggression as a reason for homicide, a comprehensive analysis must be drafted to entail even the class of individuals who get to be legally trained or professionally acquire skills and knowledge especially those who belong to the category of people whose owe a national duty by providing military service. That being the position, it is therefore difficult to argue that any other skill acquired through social learning is always inclined towards the commitment of a homicide. This is because not the killings done by this class of people are majorly within the ambits permissible by the law. Such circumstances include killings in the course defense on national security, during...
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... sample is contaminated or destroyed by bad weather conditions, for example, sunlight and rainfall; then the evidence will be destroyed, and no case can be carried out. It is crucial in every homicide case for the evidence to be protected at all costs. Homicide is the unlawful killing or murder of a living human being committed by another human being with intent to cause major harm or to kill. Depending on the case it may or may not be a criminal action. For example in the case of a defense strategy, after a comprehensive investigation the homicide may not be ruled out as a criminal act. After every homicide incident, a methodical investigation should be executed so as to know the core cause of the demise as this is also in accordance...
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... similarities in the description of the homicide. Characteristics of Homicide Categories There are common characteristics that are displayed in all categories of homicide as discussed. Unlawful killing must be established in al cases of homicide. In some instances, killing may be lawful for instance if the killer was acting in self defense. The other principle characteristic of homicide is that the killing must be committed to a human being, implying that the killing of any other creature cannot amount to a homicide. Controversy has marred the debate in abortion mainly on the fact of establishing if a fetus is a human being and at what age. Homicide is also governed by the “year and a day rule” where the death in question has...
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.... As such, the study of homicide deserves greater importance for the researchers and the general public. An overview of the various books and other writings published on this issue unveils that there has been many attempts to identify murder and homicide. However, even after various studies over this issue, one can still view it as an argumentative issue among the researchers and the intelligentsia. Only a thorough wider analysis and research, one can make clear certain issues regarding homicide and or murder. Homicide is the killing of one human being by another. If the killing is not excusable or justifiable, then it is called criminal homicide. Murder...
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... of homicide and refers to it as the interpersonal assaults and other acts directed against another person (e.g. poisoning) that occur outside the context of warfare, which prove fatal. This definition is supported by The Law Commission (TLC) who indicate homicide as ‘the unlawful killing of a human being by another human being’ (2005: 3). Homicide offences include murder, manslaughter and infanticide. In England and Wales, the structure of law concerning homicide centres on two broad offences; murder and manslaughter (TLC, 2005). Murder is classed as the most serious form of homicide, and has traditionally been associated with pre-meditated thought on the part of the perpetrator. However, TLC (2005) states that there doesn’t have...
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Interracial Homicide

... of current literature. The conditions that contribute to the commission of the crime of homicide when perpetrated from one member of a 'race' against another can have a deeper foundation within the cultural surroundings of the social groups from which the participants, both offender and victim, are associated. The causes that motivate homicide can be diverse and very individual. However, there are cultural motivations that create an atmosphere where homicides that are interracial are relevant to the associations to those social groups. As the naturally occurring competition for resources develops between communities, the result can have lethal consequences. The African-American communities, in particular, have developed an atmosphere...
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Practical Homicide Investigation

... it with the victims clothing are becoming the signature of this offender. The writing on the body is indicative of his hatred towards women and Jews. The placing of the earings, was a sign of remorse, it is more than likely that the earings were placed by the ears as a fleeting sign of regret after the offender defecated. Resources Practical Homicide Investigation Checklist and Field Guide (CRC Series in Practical Aspects of Criminal and Forensic Investigations) by Vernon J. Geberth (November 1996) Practical Homicide Investigation : Tactics, Procedures and Forensic Techniques (CRC Series in Practical Aspects of Criminal and Forensic investigation) by Vernon J. Geberth (Editor) 3rd edition (June 1996) Unnatural Death...
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Teenage Suicide & Homicide Trends

...ot be considered as having a particular cause. However, the weakness of juveniles to respond to the attack (psychological or physical) is regarded as a common reason for the development of criminal behaviour against them. In the case of suicide, it is also this weakness of juveniles to respond to the pressure of a particular difficulty. Current Statistics The statistics involving in the criminal behaviour against juveniles are indicative of the extension of the problem. More specifically, in accordance with a series of statistics published by the Youth Violence Research Bulletin (2004) ‘between 1981 and 1998, 20,775 juveniles ages 7–17 committed suicide in the United States—nearly as many as were homicide or cancer victims; males...
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...n 2005, the males were ten times more likely to commit murder than females (U.S. Department of Justice 2007). Since 1976, the male individuals have been very dominant in committing murder and in 1980s and 1990s the males were 20 times more likely to commit murder than females. Since the early 1980s, the offending rates of the females declined and became constant after 1999 (U.S. Department of Justice 2007). In 1976, the homicide rate for male offences began at 16.3 per 100,000 (U.S. Department of Justice 2007) of population which remained constant till the next year. The rate increased to 20.6 (U.S. Department of Justice 2007) in the early 1980s and then fell to around 15 percent in 1985. These statistics for males and females offence...
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Homicide Case Study

..., Reeva Steenkamp in 2013. Further, it will discuss more about this type of crime in terms of its prevalence, trends and costs. Additionally, the paper will discuss three theories that include: rational choice theory, trait theory, social structure theory in relation to this kind of homicide incident. Finally the paper will provide a brief conclusion on the suitable theory that most explains Pistorius’ Murder, discuss the implications of the theory for criminal justice policy, and what the criminal justice system should do to try to address the kind of murder committed by Pistorius. Discussion The criminal incident of focus is that of Oscar Pistorius, the amputee athlete who killed his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp in 2013. Harvey (2015...
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Opinions about Different Homicide Scenarios

...e scene of murder Such a situation is tricky and may mean different things. While it is possible for the suspect to be guilty, it is not always so. In some cases, the prints ay offer direct evidence that the suspect was responsible for murder. In others, the suspect whose prints are detected and verified could be a victim of circumstance. They may have been in contact with the weapon before the murder happens, for example, a family member to someone who has legally acquired a weapon for self defense. Unfortunately, there is no verifiable method that can be used to trace the age of fingerprints on murder weapons. References FASTSTATS - Homicide. (n.d.). Retrieved April 27, 2015, from ...
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Homicide Law within England and Wales: Is There a Need for a Reform

...and fair’ law should be evolved as it is unfair to punish the terrorists and the mercy killers through the same old law3. In 1965, the death sentence was abolished for good and now, without changing the Human Rights Act of 1998, death sentence cannot be repealed. “Criminal Homicide is not a single entity in law, and its subdivisions have been shaped by strong moral and instrumental imperatives. Murder, especially, has been set apart from any other form of homicide as an abhorrent act which violates the principle of the sanctity of life and it must be awarded its own distinctive penalty.4” In the language of jurisprudence there is no crime that could go beyond this most heinous crime. Justice, the...
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Female Homicide Victimization in Contemporary Ghana

Spirituality plays a role in helping to overcome issues of negative self-esteem as they appeal to supernatural forces and gods to restore positive self-concepts. The spiritual traditions share an elevated sense of solidarity against injustice and a commitment to the protection and advancement of their communities. Most spiritual rituals of African people share rhythmic drumming, dancing, and the use of trance as catharsis. Spirituality has thus been defined as the vital life force that connects people to the rhythms of the universe, nature, the ancestors and the community. Spirituality to the Africans is an integral element of daily existence. To them psychology and spirituality, the sacred and the secular, the psyche and the spir...
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Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide - Not Crimes

... people facing prosecution would blow the whistle and testify against their bosses, helping the prosecution move up the chain. Ultimately, then, the Corporate Homicide and Corporate Manslaughter Act is deeply flawed. It does not treat murder and manslaughter as murder and manslaughter. Criminal enterprises can be charged as a group: The same logic applies to companies. It's time to get tough on corporate crime. Works Cited Adams, Cecil. 2003, “How can a corporation be legally considered a person?”, The Straight Dope,September 19. Basketter, Simon. 2007, Socialist Worker, “Health and Safety Executive: toothless watchdog idles as workers die” August 4. Clark, J. 2005, “Why do corporations have the same rights as you?”, HowStuff Works...
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Criminal Law - The Mens Rea in the Case of Homicide, Arson, and Battery

...? If so, then the mens rea for homicide has been established.1 While, in this case, it would be a stretch to state that Derek aimed to kill Alan, it may be shown that he, in fact, did intend great bodily harm to Alan when he set fire to Alan’s flat. What is not known is whether Derek was aware that Alan was inside the flat or not. If Derek had thought that Alan was not in his flat, then it could conceivably be said that Derek did not form the proper mens rea for homicide, because, in that case, Derek would have only had the mens rea for arson and not homicide. On the other hand, if it could be shown that Derek was affirmatively aware that Alan was asleep in the flat, then it could be...
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Homicide investigation

.... According to Lafave and Austin (1986), common motives include financial gain, self-protection, emotional factors, sexual gratification, and elimination of nuisance as well as love-related homicides. This research paper is about the major sources of evidence required for a homicide investigation and ultimately a conviction for the crime of homicide. Homicide Investigation Practical experience, proper training and education facilitate the specialized field of homicide investigation. For homicide investigation to be successful, the investigators must get some evidence and access the scene of crime the victim used. Effective investigation...
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Homicide in Puerto Rico

...killed in Puerto Rico is twice comparative to any other place in this world. Murders and other crimes in Puerto Rico is correlated to the overwhelming amount and usage of drugs that are smuggled in the island, moreover plagues like, police and political corruption, formation of gangs, and drug trafficking is triggering the rate of homicide in this isle. As Lazitte Alvarez states in her article “The police in Puerto Rico say that nearly half of all homicides on the island — a popular way station for narcotics shipped from South American to the United States — are connected to drug-trafficking turf wars. Of the other half, 18 so far this year were related to domestic violence and 18 involved people who...
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Capital Punishment as Deterrence to Homicide

Counter research argues that different research techniques give different results. Murder trials in the United States cost millions of dollars. There has been the pressure that this cost should result in a deterrent effect on potential criminals. The deterrence theory argues that criminals weight the cost and the benefits of any criminal venture.
Although deemed a controversial topic by many, the use of capital punishment, or in other words, the death sentence, is a widely used method of punishing convicts in homicidal crimes. The use of the death sentence has the notoriety of being an inhumane and barbaric form of justice. On the other hand, many believe that it is the consequence that is rightfully deserved to people who co...
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Homicide and Criminal Justice

... from a mistake that cannot be described as sufficient to declare someone guilty. An example of excusable homicide is a road accident that leads to death but does not result from driver’s serious negligence. Justifiable homicide is acceptable killing of a person (Fox & Jack, 2001). For example, a person can kill another person in self-defence or soldiers can shoot and kill members of enemy camps without committing criminal offences. Acceptable killing is also called non-felonious homicide (Fox & Jack, 2001). On the other hand, felonious homicides – also known as criminal homicides - comprise of two broad forms of illegal killing (Fox & Jack, 2001). In this regard, as pointed out by Fox and Jack, felonious homicide that is not premeditated...
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