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Name Subject Date Modern China Every country has big economic centers and provinces, which are equally important for the economic life of the country. The given paper will provide the information about two famous and very different places of China: the province Henan and the city Beijing…
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Observational, analytical and research on Henan Province in China
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Modern China Every country has big economic centers and provinces, which are equally important for the economic life of the country. The given paper will provide the information about two famous and very different places of China: the province Henan and the city Beijing. Henan represents Chinese province that is famous for its history and agricultural wealth. The province has got its name due to its geographical features. It is located in south-central part of China near the Yellow River. It is interesting that the word-for-word translation of the Henan is “south of the river.” In the past Henan was famous for the prosperous agriculture. Agriculture played an important role in the life and development of the province and China in general. The great part of its economy depended on it. Many dynasties lived in Henan. The first was Xia Dynasty. Someone can say that Henan Province represents the cradle of Chinese civilization. Henan Province is considered to be the storage of different fruits and not only. Each of the cities is significant for some particular bearing. Kaifeng is the place of watermelons Mengjin is a place of tasty pears. Chestnut, walnut and grapes are grown in Lingbao. Not only fruits made the province popular. Black fungi, tussah silk, root of chrysanthemum, Chinese yam are produced there. China is famous for the high quality tea. In this area you will find Maojian tea. The man-made products deserve special attention: Jun and Ru porcelain, jade carving tri-coloured potty of glass, tin-coated bottle and of course inks stones (Sang). People in Henan live in large families and in the past young boys and girls tended to stay in the province to be engaged in agriculture. However, during last few year, with the development of technology many young citizens prefer to leave for big cities or even other countries looking for new opportunities. They want to receive education or to work in service sector, which is not highly developed in Henan. Actually, such behavior provoke many conflicts as it is not always approved by the parents, who are devoted to their agricultural traditions and value the history of Henan very high. While in the province Henan people are engaged mostly in agriculture, Beijing, the one of most prosperous cities in China, is a business center, where people work and make a good career in the field of finances and business. It is both the cultural and political capital of China (Haw). The city is very successful in the filed of economics. Beijing is considered to be the economic center of China. There are 41 Fortune Global 500 organizations situated in this city. Beijing imposes a great influence on the state of Chinese economy. Beijing is an ideal place for enterprisers and startup companies. There are a great number of foreign and local venture capital organizations. Sequoi Capital is one of the most famous companies. The main office of this company is situated in Chaoyang that is the district of Beijing. The reputation of Beijing is not very pure due to the manufacturing of pirate goods. In the urban parts of this city you can easily find anything from the latest collections and any kind of novelty. In the most cases they are manufactured for tourists and visitors. Beijing is also one of the cities that are known for its fast development. Certainly, this development brings certain problems and in most cases they are connected with environmental pollution. Thus, there are power-saving programs that are created by the government ("Lessons from China on reducing air pollution"). The government does its best to make the companies decrease the level of emissions. Some of them are even asked to leave the city, if they refuse. The citizens of Beijing are dissatisfied with the quality of water, and the prices for fundamental services such as electricity and natural gas as there prices are usually very high. In contrast to Henan, where agriculture plays a crucial role, Beijing is famous due to its business activity. The companies, which are located there brings profit of approximately130 billion RMB annually. Moreover, it forms 11,6% of the total financial income of China. The GNP of Beijing is the biggest in comparison with other cities. There are a lot of educational institutions there. There are Peking and Tsinghua Universities among them. These universities are among the most prominent national universities. Many foreign students come there to study. In the most cases they are the citizens from Japan, Korea, North America and some European countries. Works cited Haw, Stephen. Beijing: A Concise History. Routledge, 2007. p. 136. "Lessons from China on reducing air pollution". New Straits Times. 14 July 2012. Sang Ye. China Candid: The People on the People's Republic. University of California Press, 2006. Read More
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