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The rise and fall of the plasma economy in Henan Province China, 1991-present: The controversial role played by local officials - Research Paper Example

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The Rise and Fall of Plasma Economy in Henan Province China, 1991-Present: The controversial role played by local officials in relation to social stigma University name Introduction With a very huge population of not less than ninety two million, Henan is without doubt the most populous province in the People’s Republic of China (PRC)…
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The rise and fall of the plasma economy in Henan Province China, 1991-present: The controversial role played by local officials
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Extract of sample "The rise and fall of the plasma economy in Henan Province China, 1991-present: The controversial role played by local officials"

Download file to see previous pages Presently, the villagers who got infected from the sale of blood are succumbing to the disease each new day. Even the PRC has different provinces that have differing rates of HIV prevalence, Henan region stand out as a very important province due to the high prevalence and death rates. . This paper will examine the major causes of the rise and fall of the plasma economy as well as the controversial role that the government has played in the HIV/AIDS epidemic, resultant cover-up and the correlation between governments and social stigma, by asking researching questions such as how ‘blood heads’ have possibly caused millions of rural dwellers in Henan province to contract the virus, why did government cover up the whole issue from the public and if local officials re-enforce the social stigma towards HIV/AIDS. It is also clear that China had a change of heart towards policy management following the aftermath of the SARS catastrophe. When SARS broke out in china in 2003, the health administration of China was slow in responding to it. ...
One strategy that was employed by the government to help resuscitate the economy was to given incentives to the formation of enterprises in the rural areas. This included the private business, any form of liberalised foreign trading, education as well as industrial production services. The state decided to relax the control it previously had on prices in order to encourage a free environment for trade. These reforms in the economy can be said to have introduced the capitalist market principles in China. One of the most notable developments during this time was the decentralization of state power. The local administrations in the respective provinces were given the leeway to do what was best for their province as far as improving their respective economies was concerned. This led to a new outlook in the trade environment since the private enterprises in the villages and townships began to do very well while the state owned companies began to decline. The economic reform of china became the most important political discussion. Local leaders depended on the approval of the prevailing leaders in order to make it in the new centralised outfit. It also led to rigorous competition among career people with each one seeking to outshine his colleagues in order to advance their careers. This ultimately led to the growth of the local economies(Zhou,2005). The competitions that were seen in the provinces were important since they helped spur economic growth of the respective provinces and consequently improved the national GDP. For a long time, the central regions of china had primarily focused on processing of food. This meant that they couldn’t surpass the coastal regions which had ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Rise and Fall of the Plasma Economy in Henan Province China, Research Paper.
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