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Conservation of State and National Parks - Research Paper Example

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The author of this research paper states that a national park is a natural or semi-natural land which is reserved. It can be declared or can remain under the ownership of the government. However, in most cases, the national parks are under the national governments hence…
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Conservation of State and National Parks
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Extract of sample "Conservation of State and National Parks"

Download file to see previous pages This association has remained on the lead as the voice representing the American people since 1919; they focus mainly on the protection and the enhancement of the nation’s National Park System which is in place11. They are responsible in ensuring that the natural, historic and the cultural resource are not interfered with so that it can remain intact for the future generations. This is possible since the association works together with its partners and members towards this common goal. NPCA greatly depends on the research done by its Center for State of the Parks (CSOTP). Lately, (CSOTP) mainly focuses on the general issues that affect the National Park System. As a result, its name was changed to the Center for Park Research (CPR). The key role of the Center for Park Research is to provide scientific information concerning various systematic issues that affect the national parks and the appropriate solutions. The rich national heritage of the United State is symbolized by various majestic national parks; the rugged Maine shores and the active volcanoes which are located in the Hawaiian Islands. All this have inspired the rest of the world to establish protected zones. In 2016, the U.S. national park service will be celebrating its 100th anniversary. The National Park Service (NPS) in the US has expanded rapidly. The country began with the Yosemite in 1864 and Yellowstone in 1872. Today there are several parks in the country with the units of park system being approximated to be over 390 in a whole nation. Its coverage is estimated to be 83 million acres. Today, the national park system in America has much to share with countries who want to establish a system of parks that are unified. However, the national parks in the US face a greater challenge of erosion of their unique and world-class resource values in the coming century.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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